PhpStorm & WebStorm 2.0.1 RC build 103.220

PhpStorm & WebStorm 2.0.1 EAP build 103.220 is available. It has a Release Candidate status.

This builds contains some tricky fixes so please do not hesitate to report any problems – we plant to publish 2.0.1 release soon.

More details in changelog

Download PhpStorm & WebStorm 2.0.1 EAP build 103.220 for your platform from project EAP page. Note that release builds will NOT prompt for update and patch is not available for this build.

Develop with pleasure!

-JetBrains Web IDE Team

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  • Metaller

    Thank you for new “shift+ctrl+del” unwarp/remove feature!

  • Ivan1986

    deb package for debian/ubuntu here

  • Vladimir Fishchenko

    What’s wrong with EAP evaluation license? On EAP download page I see that I can use this version for 30 days, but PhpStom closes after 30 minutes!

  • Alexey Gopachenko

    All 2.0.x bugfix update builds share evaluation period with 2.0 release.