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New in 3.0: Xdebug profiler integration

Hello everybody,

Xdebug is a great tool and many of you use it for interactive debugging. But Xdebug is not just a debugger, it also provides many other features such as profiling or code coverage

Integration with Xdebug Profiler is one of the most voted feature in the PhpStorm issue tracker, so we are happy to announce that its initial support is already implemented in PhpStorm 3.0 EAP!

To be more specific – PhpStorm provides visual representation of profiling data generated by Xdebug. In order to open a profiler snapshot, invoke the ‘Analyze Xdebug profiler snapshot’ action and select the path to the snapshot. Note that you can select several snapshots at a time and collect the aggregated profiling information.

'Analyze Xdebug profiler snapshot' action in 'Tools' menu

By now we have implemented the following data views:

  • ‘Execution Statistics’ – displays summary information about execution metrics of every called function.

    'Execution Statistics' view

  • ‘Call Tree’ – displays the execution paths of the called functions.

    'Call Tree' view

  • ‘Callees’ – same as ‘Call Tree’ but with the selected function as the root.
  • ‘Callers’ – all the paths that can result in calling the selected function.

To learn how to configure the Xdebug extension so profiling is enabled follow official documentation at http://xdebug.org/docs/profiler#starting. You can use our Xdebug bookmarklets generator to toggle profiling directly from browser toolbar.

Developing integration with the profiler is still in progress, so we are looking forward for your feedback!

Develop with pleasure!

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