PhpStorm & WebStorm 3.0 EAP 110.359

This week’s EAP brings you a pack of important bug fixes and improvements in all areas, along with several of new features:

  • PHPUnit fast switch between test/source is now available, under Navigate|Test. It will prompt for Generate Test if none found. Also test generation is improved
  • Code Folding state is preserved across restarts and through refactoring for all languages. We might still have some glitches, please report them separately
  • Scopes are now easily editable through main Settings

More details available in build changelog

Do not hesitate with feedback. And if you want something to be actually fixed – do not use twitter or blog comments for bug reports, file them to tracker. Thanks in advance!

Download PhpStorm & WebStorm for your platform from project EAP page.
Patch-update is also available.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains Web IDE Team

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  • MaziLLa

    Those who love to use Code Folding can vote for this:

    • David Rees

      As long as we are pitching folding improvements, I really think the idea of better keyboard control of the folding level like outliners have would be very, very useful –

  • Pavel Mica

    I noticed serious UTF-8 encoding problem, try write some specific chars like “ěščřžýáíé” to UTF-8 encoded file, save it and open in previous EAP (or another UTF-8 compatible editor…)

    BUG or problem with my environment?

    • nnmatveev

      Works for me. Please elaborate – you mentioned about an encoding problem, but didn’t describe the problem. Thanks!

      • Pavel Mica

        I try it again with invalidating caches and it works for now… In first try editor saved non-UTF characters into file.

        • nnmatveev

          Thanks! Please let us know if you will meet the issue again.

  • raveren

    This build is really messed up, cannot develop at all, random errors thrown right and left, I’d advise skipping this EAP.

    • Evgeniy

      Can’t agree. Seems works faster (if it’s not my mistake) and more stable.

      • Michael Ussher

        Got to agree with raveren on this one.

        open a project, then open an existing project in ‘New Window’

        Caused crazyness for me. no editor, restart didnt help, text typing the error dissappearing while typing. Im back on the previous EAP now.

        • Zyava

          Hmm, worked ok whole yesterday for me. Win x64. Maybe it is OS related issue?

  • Edgar Martinez

    Any word on when round-trip engineering will be available? I see the UML diagrams are here but adding and methods in the diagram is not supported and neither is adding properties a.k.a. fields. Just curious.

  • Aleksey Deryagin

    “Exclude Folders” feature still doesn’t work properly when load current project, return to 110.226 again.

    • leneshka

      Please describe the bug, or better create an issue here.

      • Aleksey Deryagin

        Well, bug is simple but critical (and it appeared in previous EAP). When I open PHPStorm and it begin scanned my current project (I use tmpfs partiton for such data so it scanned very often), I can watch which folders are scanned and there are some (not all) folders marked as excluded in settings. I have heavy Zend Framework project with tricky PHP code in some 3rd party plugins (100% #$&#$%# “Indian code”) so I excluded them always, cos brave PhpStorm just cant index them – it hangs with 12 Gb RAM and quad-core Athlon.

        • Aleksey Deryagin

          110.226 is last EAP without this bug (and I never met it early).

          • nnmatveev

            Please submit an issue and provide all details there. Thanks!

  • Vladislav

    Any information when symfony support will be available? on 3.0, 3.x, 4.0, etc?

    • nnmatveev

      Please watch – WI-241

  • Rafi B.

    Is it possible to generate a project-wide (or scope) UML diagram of classes?

    • nnmatveev

      At the moment the only way to show several classes on the same diagram is to show diagram for some class and then add other classes manually using ”Add Class to Diagram’ action. Please submit an issue. Thanks!

    • Alexey Gopachenko

      Now you can drag and drop files to diagram. We’ll also about to enable “create diagram” on any folder – including project root. Later after adding namespaces view – on any namespace.

      • Rafi B.

        YEs! Can’t wait :)

  • Berezin Artem

    I have a problem with Mercurial in WebStorm 110.359.

    All my files have UTF-8 encoding.
    When I change any file, after commit to repository, all lines with non-ASCII symbols are marked as changed. IDE offers me to roll them back. If I try to do that, line appears as “mojibakes”.

    Screenshot with problem

    Is it IDE problem or problem of my environment?

    • nnmatveev

      Thanks for the issue!