PhpStorm & WebStorm 4.0 Early Access Program started

We are happy to announce first public builds of PhpStorm & WebStorm 4.0!

There’s a lots of changes, totaling to hundreds of tracker votes, but here is the list of visible features already available to focus on:

  • IntelliJ Platform 11.1 with lot of improvements and even more streamlined UI
  • PHP Language support for Traits and other 5.4 features. We only started with this so trait conflicts, method renaming and parent calls are not yet analysed by IDE. Toggle 5.4 feature usage checks in Inspections/PHP/General/Language Level
  • PHP Code Coverage is now built in for both Xdebug and Zend Debugger
  • PHP debugger supports remote command line scripts and PHP 5.4 built-in server
  • Code Inspection got new analysers for PHP and JS
  • ECMA Script 6 (Harmony) features are now supported
  • SASS & LESS code formatting and advanced features, CoffeeScript support is improved (kudos to RubyMine team!)
  • Project generation from HTML5 boilerplate and NodeJS boilerplate

We’ll publish a series of detailed blog posts on new features. Please note that all of these are work in progress and will undergo series of both technical and cosmetic changes during next months. Also, much more stuff is coming – so do not hesitate with feedback, the milestone build is only couple months away!

  • EAP users should know the drill, but since this is a major upgrade – we’ll repeat:
  • Config folder name changed to WebIde40, so all previous builds settings are unaffected by this one – bu you may want to copy your previous settings over to not start from scratch
  • 3rd party plugins may cease to work with this build (bug authors for platform 11.1 support)

Download PhpStorm & WebStorm 4.0 EAP build 114.158 for your platform from project EAP page.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains Web IDE Team

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  • everzet

    What about Behat integration?

    • Alexey Gopachenko

      Well, its in roadmap, but not yet available.

  • Bryan Green

    Jetbrains – Simply Excellent Software.
    I like the SCSS formatting (very nice.)

    I had to export my old setting and import anew.

    Can’t wait to try the ‘PHP Code Coverage.’ First, gotta deploy some software…

    • Bryan Green

      Wow this release rocks! I like the “evaluate expression” add-on to the debug window. In fact, I like the debug window a lot.

      Great improvements. Thank you so much for taking care of the PHP community. This is the best IDE for PHP.

      ZendStudio is so awful these days and I’m so happy to distance myself from eclipse. Anybody out there try IBM’S Rational App Developer for Java? No good.

      • Alexey Gopachenko

        Thanks for the kind words.
        There’s so much room for improvement yet :)

        • Bryan Green

          … bring it on :-)

  • Priet


    How do I do that?

    This EAP has Subversion 1.7 support, doesn’t it?

    • Alexey Gopachenko

      You back up .idea folder inside the project.

      Yes, it includes the SVN 1.7 experimental support.

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  • Lev

    Good news!
    What about symfony support?

    • Ksaveras

      +1 Vote for Symfony

    • Malte

      That is already available, isn’t it?

      • Lev

        It is not. Symfony support is postponed from v.3, now it is in future versions in roadmap…

  • Vladimir Komissarov

    Do you planning to mantis support?

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  • David

    I was trying php storm trial and I love it. I planned to buy it but now that I know there will be soon 4.0, I’d rather wait. I don’t really want to pay full price for the product only to realize that it’s outdated. On the other hand, I need some IDE now and after trying php Storm I don’t want to get back where I was before. Is there a way to solve this? I mean like preorder 4.0 which would also allow me to use 3.0 meanwhile?

    • David

      Never mind, I just realised there are free updates for 1 year.

  • EugeneOZ

    “Commit & push” button is back!!! :)
    Also, “Autoscroll to source” is small but very useful feature.
    Thank you, you are the best!

    • EugeneOZ

      Sorry, I meant “Autoscroll from source”.

  • Jamie Taniguchi

    “Config folder name changed to WebIde40, so all previous builds settings are unaffected by this one – bu you may want to copy your previous settings over to not start from scratch”

    Where is the config folder located on Windows?

    • Alexey Gopachenko

      In the user home folder. The name starts with dot character – “.WebIDE10”

  • Elte Hupkes

    I get a feeling I’m been missing something about the SCSS support for a while now, because it is, and always has been, _very_ crappy for me. (Auto-)indenting doesn’t work at all and is actually worse than using a plain text editor. When I type

    .class {[ENTER]

    I end up with (| = the caret)

    .class {

    which is completely worthless obviously, because I have to [ENTER] [ARROW UP] [TAB] to get to the right indentation level. Same when I’m inside a block, say:

    a {

    and I type “&:hover {[ENTER]”, I get:

    a {
    :hover {
    | }

    What’s even more odd is I’m using tabs, but the caret is actually placed at what appears to be a 1-space indent, _inside_ the tab; a position I can’t move it to myself.

    Tried starting with an empty settings folder on this EAP to see if my settings were somehow corrupted – no dice. Since no one else is complaining it must be me, anyone got a clue what’s going on here? Its incredibly annoying.

    • Michal Kvasnicak

      I have this problem too. It’s very annoying and I’m wasting time with proper formatting.

  • Elte Hupkes

    Whoops @ comment above, forgot to use code blocks so my indentation examples are actually invisible. Quick copy-paste with blocks this time:

    “When I type

    .class {[ENTER]

    I end up with (| = the caret)

    .class {

    which is completely worthless obviously, because I have to [ENTER] [ARROW UP] [TAB] to get to the right indentation level. Same when I’m inside a block, say:

    a {

    and I type “&:hover {[ENTER]“, I get:

    a {
    :hover {
    | }

  • Elte Hupkes

    … and that did not help. I will stop spamming now and hope you all just understand what I mean.

    • Bryan Green

      Good point, this could be improved. Maybe you could create a ticket and explain the caret/cursor positioning? Would be helpful I think.

      Fortunately, if you already have code within a block, the cursor will drop to the proper indented position.

      Nice catch Elte.

      • Elte Hupkes

        Done, created a tickethere, please upvote :).

        • Bryan Green

          +1 !

  • EugeneOZ

    Also Git plugin is more smart now, it’s very good.

  • patrick

    Where is the config folder (WebIde…) located in Mac OSX?

    • patrick

      It’s in the preferences directory.


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  • Robin

    Build looks good so far, although after first run the only thing I thought worth mentioning is it doesn’t remember which Monitor it was last up and running on and I can’t seem to find a setting for it… I’ve got a Triple Monitor setup and generally have the code open on Monitor 2, but it always cold opens to Monitor 1. Not a huge but but thought I would mention it.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Konrad

    Great software. And what about PHPTAL support?

  • Alexey Gopachenko

    Dear users, this is not a proper place to cast votes or submit bug reports. Please file them to the issue tracker!

  • Ed

    What I have to change to set the cursor at the end of the line when I click somewhere outside the line?

    • Andriy Bazanov

      Settings | Editor | Allow placement of caret after end of line

  • Peter

    You guys rock! Like a sibirian coal locomotive … knowing only one direction – forwards. Many other companies should take an example at the speed you kick out release after release.

  • Lucas Freitas

    The HTML5 support is now fully bundled? I’m developing some projects that says “section” or “article” isn’t a supported tag. Or … New types for input still doesn’t get handled well.

    • Brandon Summers

      It’s not enabled by default, it has to be enabled on a per project basis.

      Go to: Settings | Project Settings | Schemas and DTDs

      At the bottom choose HTML 5.

  • Tommi

    How about jade support?

    • Kyle Newsome (@bitwitdotca)

      I second this. I would really like to see JADE supported in this IDE. Its a pain making my own half assed one on every computer I use.

  • Haydar Ciftci

    I’m missing a feature for enforcing variable types in PHP. If the analyzing path is too deep, I want to be able to force types using inline PHPDoc:

    * @var DoctrineORMEntityManager
    $myem = My_Registery::get(“em”);

    • Alexey Gopachenko

      That’s for fields only. For vars use
      /** @var $name Type */

      • Haydar Ciftci

        Thanks a lot!

  • Igor

    What about CakePhp support?

    • Jeremy Frazao

      Configure PhpStorm to Auto-complete CakePHP Models, Views, and Controllers

      • Shawn

        Yes well you can do that with most any framework. But the idea of support is the ide will know about the model,components, and everything else. like how in pycharm you can click the controllers action method icon to go right to the view.

        I would like to see cakephp support as well especially since it has such a large community and userbase. Many people would like this.

  • Alexey Gopachenko

    @Everybody: there is a roadmap and entire issue tracker filled with feature requests, votes and schedules.

  • Rafi B.

    I love Jetbrains development cycle.. Would love to hear more about the way you guys produce code.

    Anyways, what does “streamlined UI” exactly means? I see it often in your blog posts.

  • Daniel S. Reichenbach

    Now this is awesome news! I love SASS/SCSS und Behat, and seeing support for those just rocks! <3 you guys for your products.

  • Johnatan

    Is there any chance that anyone from devs sorts issue tracker by votes count and checks out what many of PHPStorm customers are worried about for 2.5 years now?

  • Julien Breux

    Great news.


  • YellowShark

    Hey just wondering – is there an easy way to copy over (from version 3.x) my remote hosts that I’ve entered under “Tools->Deployment->Configuration..”? Just curious, and thanks for the new build – all of your work is appreciated!

  • Andriy Bazanov

    They are stored in “webServers.xml”. On Windows 7 the full path (for v3) will be C:UsersUSERNAME.WebIde10configoptionswebServers.xml.

    You can just copy file over to v4 config folder. In fact — you could copy whole config folder over — worked fine for me.

  • andriy kravcvhenko

    When I try to extract .tar.gz archive, I see the following error message:

    “tar: PhpStorm-114.158/bin: Not found in archive
    tar: PhpStorm-114.158/help: Not found in archive
    tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors”

  • Anton Stoychev

    Oh! I love that you’ve made the structure popup (Ctrl+F12) native as the rest of the navigation ones!

    Thank you!

  • Boris Hinzer

    Any plans already to include TypoScript syntax highlighting? We are already on pos. 2 of the votes here: WI-7249New language: Syntaxhighlighting for TypoScript



  • Hans Grimm

    Like it! However, in my LessCSS files the code completion does not always guess correctly. That’s a bit annoying.