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New in 4.0: Support of PHP 5.4 Built-in Web Server

As of PHP 5.4.0, the CLI SAPI provides a built-in web server which is intended for development purposes only. We are glad to announce that since PhpStorm 4.0 you can control a web server instance directly from the IDE.

To start working with the PHP built-in web server, first create a ‘PHP Built-in Web Server’ run configuration.

‘PHP Built-in Web Server’ run configuration

‘PHP Built-in Web Server’ run configuration editor

The “Host”, “Port”, and “Document root” fields are mandatory, the “Router script” field is optional. A ‘router script’ is a script which is run for each HTTP request. If this script returns ‘FALSE’ ,the requested resource is returned as-is. Otherwise the script’s output is returned to the browser.

Please see the official documentation for details.

Before launching the run configuration, make sure that that PHP interpreter, version 5.4 or higher is selected in your project settings.

Selected PHP interpreter version

Otherwise launching the run configuration fails.

Error message on attempt to run built-in web server using an incompatible PHP interpreter

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Develop with pleasure!

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