PhpStorm & WebStorm 4.0 EAP 117.65

The time frame for version 4.0 development is closing so we almost finished introducing new features and focused on bugs, performance and usability.

This week’s EAP brings you fixes and improvements in all areas, with following changes most notable:

  • PHP Completion for simple cases was improved – for class declarations, try/catch clauses, etc.
  • JavaScript got support for Requirejs and ‘Go to declaration’ on CommonJS’s AMD format
  • Performance problems introduced with recent PHP 5.4 features were fixed

More details available in build changelog and platform changelog

Please, do not use twitter or blog comments for bug reports, file them to tracker.

Download PhpStorm & WebStorm for your platform from project EAP page.
Patch-update is NOT available.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains Web IDE Team

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  • Sam


    “The the time frame” → “The time frame”.
    “Performance introduced” → “Performance issues introduced”

    • Alexey Gopachenko

      Thanks. Did you tried the build? What’s your experience?

  • Bryan Green

    Nice speed. Seems like a good release. I’ll post more comments if I got em.

  • OZ

    I run it and close, and run again. I can’t belive how fast it launches now. I hope nothing is broken in my installation and it’s just new performance of IDE.

  • Andriy Bazanov

    Will make into v4 final .. or will it be postponed yet another time?

    • Yehosef


  • elkuku

    How do you make it starting up so crazy fast 😉

    Works quite well here – Thumbs up.

  • Aleksey Deryagin

    Nice update, quick and stable :) , thanks!

  • tufi

    …impressive how fast the IDE starts! Nice! Thanx!

  • Adrian

    Since this new release not all WARNINGS are shown inside the editor, so e.g. the warning for “unused local variable” is only displayed in the side-bar to the right, but the variable is not underlined or so. I have a lot of ASSERTS error, which I already submitted to jetbrains.

  • Jannik

    Opening the IDE is not faster for me (using an SSD, so it was always fast).

    But since autocompletion for JavaScript in combination with “this.” is completely broken (in the last EAP also, btw) the current version is not very useful right now (ticket: :-(

    • Jannik

      Ok, already fixed. That was fast, nice work!

      Just waiting for the next release (or EAP?) now…

  • Michal

    Hey men! Thanks for Behat support, much easier days to come!

  • Burak Ueda

    Already have 3.0.3 and trying to install 4.0
    First problem when I try to import settings from older version:
    “C:Program Files (86)JetBrainsPhpStorm 3.0.3 does not appear to be PhpStorm config folder or installation home”
    Which is not true. Folder and PhpStorm 3.0.3 installation is there.

    So I cannot import settings from 3.0.3?

    • Marco

      Same problem for me with the v4.0.1 – not recognizing my previous setting. Event when I point the config import to that directory.

      Help! Thanks!

      • Alexey Gopachenko

        File|Export Settings
        File|Import Settings

        Are always available

        • Marco

          Thanks! I’ve figured it out. I pointed the initial import to:

          and in there to the .webide1 folder (although I was running v3.0.3). Then everything was working as expected.

          • Marco

            Sorry, the path seems to get filtered out:
            [ SYSTEM DRIVE ]Users[ USER ACCOUNT NAME ]

          • Mike

            This worked for me.

            Thanks Marco!

          • Susie

            Thank you Marco. Userswebide10 worked for me also.

    • Denis Chmel

      Same for me, 3.0.3 -> 4.0.1,
      “C:Program Files (86)JetBrainsPhpStorm does not appear to be PhpStorm config folder or installation home”

      Plus when clicking [.] button in the input it shows NOT the C:Program Files (86)JetBrainsPhpStorm, but Users, maybe it looks for config there too.