PhpStorm & WebStorm 6 EAP build 123.26

This week’s build is focused on the refinement of already published features before we throw more new stuff in. Change details available in project tracker.

As usual, bear in mind that you are getting a snapshot of work in progress and product will undergo series of technical and cosmetic changes.

Download PhpStorm & WebStorm 6.0 EAP build 123.26 for your platform from project EAP page. Patch-update will be available for Win and Linux but not for OS X this time.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains Web IDE Team

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  • nick

    Please, make next EAP release build 123.45!
    Too rare chance for skipping :)

  • Tyler

    Is it planned to be able to switch between the new and old icon themes at some point?
    I’d rather use the old one if possible, sorry :-)

    • Alexey Gopachenko

      Nope, no chance.

      • Florin

        Would at least be possible to have a theme for that or something? I’m not really fond of the new icons as well.

        • Alexey Gopachenko


          • Florin

            Don’t get me wrong, I like the new icons, it’s just the icons for folders and that are annoyingly white. if you say no, then.. ok, I won’t say anything more but at very high resolutions, lots of white.

          • Rasmus Schultz

            The new icons are terrible. You’re completely missing the point of icons – they’re not supposed to “look cool” or make your product look “different”. Folders and documents are supposed to look a certain way, because they trigger intuition, so we know what we’re looking at.

            Effectively, you’ve encrypted the pictograms, forcing end users to to decode your peculiar, non-standard icons and learn that, although they look totally different, they mean EXACTLY the same thing.

            This sort of change is mere marketing and contributes nothing to productivity – which is the whole point of using an IDE.

            Usability first, people!

      • Alexander Makarov

        Even with some digging into jars?

        • Alexey Gopachenko

          Have you ever read that License Agreement you’ve accepted? 😉

          • Alexander Makarov


            It’s a bit strange that while it states about “Licensee may not: … reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify, translate, make any attempt to discover the source code of Software” it also mentions “…all modifications, enhancements, derivatives and other alterations of Software regardless of who made any modifications, if any, are, and will remain, the sole and exclusive property of Licensor and its suppliers.”.

            As I remember, first unofficial attempts to make UI dark were about patching PhpStorm binaries so while it was against the rules it was a good proof of concept.

          • Alexander Makarov

            And, of course, I understand that there will be no warrnaty or support for modified binaries or resources. That’s why it’s certainly better to ask about theming icons officially rather than changing these in the jars.

          • Alexey Gopachenko

            Well, the official answer is no. But we’ll continue work on new theme.

        • Andriy Bazanov

          Maybe this will work for PhpStorm as well? Try it on your own risk (may format your hard drive/ssd 😛 )

          • Alexander Makarov

            Hmm, so it’s possible to override icons from a plugin w/o touching any IDE resources?

          • Andriy Bazanov

            As you can see — yes.

            And, BTW, it works for PhpStorm as well. Does not restore ALL icons — only around 90-95% of them (possibly file names were changed .. or they were simply missing in previous version, whatever).

          • Tyler

            This is awesome! Thank you very much!

  • Eugene

    So many fixes, great work!
    And IDE works stable enough, thank you for this.

  • kris

    How people compile coffeescript in PHPSTORM 6 EAP

  • kris

    As my last comment I got something like for me

    C:UsersAdministratorDownloadscoffeecoffee.exe -c “C:portablesxampp-portablehtdocstest”

    work for me to compile coffeescript in PHPstorm. Someone can tell me how I can make it automatically called when I save the file.

    What I want is “C:portablesxampp-portablehtdocstest” is the project folder or the file specific I am working upon.

    any idea for it.

  • Paul Redmond

    Just my own personal opinion and honest feedback (and I know this is a WIP)

    I hate the default folder icon.

  • fzd11

    I want to call “C: >coffee -wc “C:localtest”. how I can call it in phpstorm as external tool.

  • Chad Huntley

    Are you guys planning on hijacking the top bar of the window like Adobe products now do? The Dracula theme is great, however the default Windows bar at the top is jarring in comparison.

    • Halil Özgür

      +1 for this feature. The default OS chrome looks irrelevant, as if we’re working in a VM :)

  • fzd11

    I am still have a problem that Music stop playing for seconds when I run chrome music and winow media player. This happen on server windows (2008 R2 sp1).

  • Ben

    twig template tags are horribly formatted in darcula

  • Jos de Jong

    Great job! WebStorm is years ahead of other JavaScript IDE’s, and with this release that is even more clear. Thanks.

    I have to agree with the complaints on the new icon theme though: it is terrible. Instead of the icons helping me to get a more organized and clear view, they do the opposite: they distract and a lot of noise to the IDE. (Why does everybody like monchrome and abstract icons nowadays?…)

  • Sergiu Neamt

    Please add icon set for folders and files for project panel. I really don’t understand what was wrong with old icons ?

  • Joe

    The new icons are hell and colorless. What was wrong with the good old icons?

  • Sam Nick

    Is there a particular reason why the folder icons in version 6 are so distractingly empty?

  • J Wrong

    Typed “PHPStorm 6 icons” in Google and it lead me to this page. What a disappointing conclusion that there is no way to update these colourless icons. Come on guys, could you please update product with better icon layout in near future?

  • Dave Stewart

    This was the first thing I Googled after installing PHPStorm 6. The overall style is OK, but the folder icons are f#ing horrible!

    Having alternative icons should not be that big of a deal when you can do so much other magic in the app :)