PhpStorm 6 EAP build 124.509

We’re back from holidays with a freshly baked EAP update. This one is relatively minor – a bunch of small (yet much awaited) fixes and features added. More details on PHPWEB and Platform changes available in tracker.

Stay tuned for updates – the new stuff is in the works right now!

As usual, bear in mind that you are getting a snapshot of work in progress and product will undergo series of technical and cosmetic changes.

Download PhpStorm 6.0 EAP for your platform from project EAP page.
Patch-update NOT available this time.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains Web IDE Team

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  • ragtek

    Will there be also an automatic update available?

    • Eric Reiche

      The post clearly states there will be no patch.

    • Richard Hobson

      The new installer uninstalls old versions currently on your system if you say yes. So while it does not overwrite the old version it can remove it for you prior to installing 124.509.

  • Eugene

    Well, maybe small but very important. Thank you!

  • Scot

    will there be a webstorm update soon?

    • ksafonov

      Yes, today.

      • Bundyo

        Well, it already expired, yesterday is better 😉

        • ksafonov

          Sorry for that, please use these links to download while we’re preparing the announcement.

          • Bundyo

            Thanks (the last link is to the zip instead to the tar.gz:)

          • chico_xyzzy

            there is no linux version there :(
            please share it!

      • Scot

        Great. Thanks!

  • Stefan
  • ksafonov

    @Bundyo @chico_xyzzy Linux link fixed

  • Ifaz