PhpStorm 6 Public Preview

PhpStorm 6 release is just around the corner!

Today we’re publishing a PhpStorm 6 Public Preview build 127.67 with a set of latest fixes.

Those who already use our EAP builds – please download the latest build and be sure to report all the bugs in the issue tracker to be sure we are working on fixing it.

And if you are still using our stable 5.0.x builds – here is a summary of all improvements and new features we are planning to include in upcoming PhpStorm 6 release:

PhpStorm 6 significantly expands a variety of everyday actions available to be performed right from the IDE, e.g. managing dependencies with Composer, transpiling SASS/SCSS/LESS with File Watchers, testing RESTful web services with REST Сlient and others. PhpStorm 6 comes with new intelligent tools such as new refactorings, code (re)arranger, completely re-worked HTML structure view, Emmet for HTML and CSS, and more. Last but not least – refined fully dark UI scheme.

All of these brand new features are aimed to help PHP developers keep focus, remain productive and use the best technologies available to produce neat and well-tested code.

Check out the overview of all PhpStorm 6 features and download the build from PhpStorm website.

If you still have some feedback, now is the best time to share it in the forum and bug tracker — the release build is about to launch!

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains Web IDE Team

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  • Seydamet

    Why i can not upgrade from early EAP version?

  • Florin Patan

    Thank you for this release and your hard work!

    I do have a small issue to ask: What about: ? Is it going to suffer any update?

    Thanks once again.

    • Mikhail Vink

      Yes, the roadmap has been updated.

  • tiger

    The list of new features for PhpStorm 6 sucks :( I’m sad, even I have been on EAP since first EAP-build

  • Spherimorph

    I’m having a problem with this release, each time the project indexing finishes all my code files go completely blank. The files exist (all of them) but become completely blank.
    Does anyone have this issue? Is it something i’m doing in the wrong way?

    • ksafonov

      Are your files local?

      • Spherimorph

        Yes, my “workspace” is in one folder (under version control) and the files are uploaded to a server.
        I initially thought the problem occured when uploading but i was wrong, when the indexing finishes all the files go blank.

  • ksafonov

    OK, do you have an antivirus running?

    • Spherimorph

      Yes, i have Kaspersky.
      Thanks for your reply!

      • ksafonov

        What if you turn it off for a while?

        • Spherimorph

          Well, it’s working with Kaspersky turned off. This is strange, never happened in any other version. Besides turning Kaspersky off, is there any other solution?

  • ksafonov

    Jut set up an exclude directory in Kaspersky?

    • Spherimorph

      OK, apparently it’s working. Thanks for all the help and patience.
      Best regards

  • Giovambattista Fazioli

    Hi, when you will release the 6?!

    • Mikhail Vink

      Quite soon. In a few weeks.

  • Eugene

    Please write blog post about LESS compilation in Windows with Php/WebStorm. I can’t make it work.

  • Kyriakos Ktorides

    I seem to be getting excessive memory use with this release. 570mb used after an hour of use on a basic WordPress project. Is there any kind of log I can send so you can have a look?

    • ksafonov

      Please take memory snapshot: (add -agentlib:yjpagent option and click toolbar button). Thanks!

      • Kyriakos Ktorides

        I made a mem snapshop, how can I send it to you?

        • Mikhail Vink

          The memory snapshots should be uploaded to our FTP site:

          After uploading the snapshot, please notify us by e-mail or file a YouTrack issue and specify the name of the uploaded snapshot file.

          Thank you!

          • Hertzel Armegol

            gift from me


            still super slow, not sure if it has to do with my version of java, or what.. used to be faster a few EAPs before.

  • Hertzel Armegol

    Same, here extreme memory usage, 800MB+ with a drupal 7 project… had to sop using it is there a way to get an older EAP? to go back to the pre-preview release?

  • Hertzel Armegol

    NVM found the link using the page history feature.
    I’m skipping this release for now.

  • Howard

    Can you update the docs on how to get PHPUnit generation working again? The instructions here are out of date because there is no “Skeleton Generator” page anymore in the PHPstorm 6 settings.

    • Mikhail Vink

      Thank you! I’ve reported our documentation team. They will fix this issue. Do you still have troubles configuring it and need an advice or everything is ok now?

      • Howard

        Hi Mikhail, I can’t find the method to setup the Skeleton Generator at all anymore so I still need help. Do you have any hints?

        • Nikolay Matveev

          Skeleton Generator is not supported anymore. We’ve implemented tests generation via ‘New’ -> ‘PHPUnit’ -> ‘PHPUnit Test’

  • Dennis

    Hello. Is it possible to use PhpStorm EAP in commercial development? And if so, where can I find the confirmation of thin info on the official site?

  • Giovambattista Fazioli

    can I rename a local variable in one shot like in Xcode?

    public function my_method() {
    $to_change = 'hello';
    some_function( $to_change );
    echo $to_change;

    For instance, highlighting the $to_change, select rename, and all reference into my_method() will renamed.

    Thanks for your great product!

  • Max

    Hi! In this and previous builds for linux I can’t locate REST client, I have no such menu item. This is feature of Linux build?