Webinar Recording: Debugging PHP with PhpStorm

The recording of our July 18th webinar with Maarten Balliauw and Mikhail Vink, Debugging PHP with PhpStorm, is now available on YouTube and JetBrains.tv.

In this webinar, we have a look at the debugger which is integrated in PhpStorm and explore its capabilities.

About this webinar:

This webinar covers all the debugging-related activities you may want to perform, such as:

  • simple debugging with run/debug configurations
  • debugging unit tests
  • zero-configuration web applications debugging with Xdebug
  • simultaneous debugging sessions
  • multi-user debugging via DBGp proxy
  • remote debugging
  • and more..

We also got to know how we can profile PHP applications with PhpStorm IDE.

This is your ultimate guide to debugging any PHP applications with PhpStorm!

This webinar is geared towards developers of different proficiency.

Resources mentioned in the end of the webinar:

About Maarten Balliauw:

Maarten BalliauwMaarten is a Technical Evangelist at JetBrains. His interests are all web: ASP.NET MVC, PHP and Windows Azure. He’s a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Windows Azure and an ASPInsider. He has published many articles in both PHP and .NET literature such as MSDN magazine and PHP architect. Maarten is a frequent speaker at various national and international events such as MIX (Las Vegas), TechDays, DPC and others.
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  • UFUK

    Please add CC (English subtitles) to video so people like me (who don’t understand every accent of English) can easily understand the video.

    • Mikhail Vink

      We will try to do that, but not sure it is possible for all the videos – it requires quite a hard work to add it for 1h video. Thanks!

  • http://nrrd.de/ bronsen

    I have used the following settings in xdebug.ini on our development server:

    xdebug.remote_enable = 1
    xdebug.remote_connect_back = 1
    xdebug.idekey = "PHPSTORM"

    This makes xdebug connect back to the IP the request came from. So my co-developers can make PhpStorm listen for debug connections, use the bookmarklets to enable debugging, and debug away! I do not have to set up a debugging proxy and won’t run into conflicts with regards to “idekey”.

  • Jonathan Williamson


    Whilst that might seem like a very handy thing for you, please note that it’s also a massive security problem – as anyone can now send an Xdebug request to your server and your server will responde back to them!

    It won’t take long before they start to look at $config[‘password’] etc etc….

    Maybe you should think again about that idea??

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