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JetBrains becomes Drupal Technology Partner, supports Drupal Community with free PhpStorm IDE licenses for Open Source contributors

We are happy to announce today that JetBrains is supporting the Drupal Association and Community in two new ways.

1.  JetBrains has signed up as a Drupal Technology Partner.

Drupal Technology Partners are companies that provide a product or service that helps the Drupal community build and publish amazing sites. This program allows partners to educate the community about their tools, third-party software integrations, and other services that help Drupalers lead in web development.

Participation in this partner program provides us a great opportunity to give back to the developer community, engage the Drupal community, and educate Drupalers on how PhpStorm can help them enhance productivity while developing for Drupal.

Starting with version 7 (to be released to market in October/November 2013, now available in Public Preview), PhpStorm IDE includes the Drupal Plugin providing many Drupal-specific features for Drupal 7 and 6, some of which work for Drupal 8 as well. Learn more about using PhpStorm for Drupal Development.

2.  We are proud to offer core contributors access to free PhpStorm licenses.

JetBrains has supported Open Source projects with PhpStorm licenses for quite a while. However, when it came to Drupal, which is a huge Open Source driven project, it was a challenge for JetBrains to decide which contributors to support with free open source licenses, and now the process is streamlined: JetBrains supports the Drupal Community by offering 250 Free Open Source Licenses for PhpStorm to be distributed among Drupal 7/8 core, modules and themes contributors.

The following categories of Drupal Open Source contributors are eligible for a free PhpStorm Open Source license:

  • Drupal 8 core contributors (Top 50 contributors by number of commits to core)
  • Drupal 7 core contributors (Top 50 contributors by number of commits to core)
  • Drupal Modules contributors (Top 100 contributors by most installed)
  • Drupal Themes contributors (Top 50 contributors by most installed)

To receive your free PhpStorm Open Source license, please fill out this open source license request form. Be sure to mention your Drupal username as it will be checked against the list of top Drupal Open Source contributors. Read more about the Open Source support program by JetBrains.

We at JetBrains believe that sharing experience, promoting technologies and offering networking opportunities is very important for professional developers. This is why we support the community through user groups, conferences, open source and educational projects. Learn more about JetBrains Community Support Program.

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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