PhpStorm 7 EAP 131.61

Freshly baked PhpStorm 7 EAP 131.61 is available for download.

From the PHP side, this build delivers:

  • Scope highlighting for PHP control structures – alternative syntax (WI-566)
  • Type inference fixes (e.g. @return static[] now works as it should, WI-13242)
  • Symfony Console standalone for Laravel and Doctrine (WI-18196)
  • PHPUnit on Server fixes
  • Traits-related inspections are introduced (class can’t extend trait, interface can’t extend traits)
  • and more bug fixes and improvements

Also the build brings various new features and fixes from both web (Compass support, Stylus improvements) and IntelliJ IDEA platform side.

Download PhpStorm 7 EAP build 131.61 for your platform from project EAP page and please report any bugs and feature request to our Issue Tracker.

Patch-update for the previous EAP build (131.8) will be available in an hour.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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  • Alex

    How can I find out which of the IDEA platform fixes are contained in this build? (for example a ticket which was resolved a week ago)

    • Mikhail Vink

      It depends on the issue – some changes are included with delay, so you can ask in the issue comments. As for the issue you are interested in it is NOT included in current PhpStorm 7 EAP, but will be included later.

  • Henry Garcia

    Is there any instructions on how to use the Symfony Console?

    • Mikhail Vink

      Not yet, but will be available and announced separately.

      For now you can check this video for magerun: which was added – works the same way for other symfony-based command-line tools.

  • Adrian Grund

    Compass does not work for me on too much scss files.
    When I use a application.scss file that only imports other scss _subfiles, then sometimes compiling those files using compass in the file watcher of phpstorm works and sometimes it doesn´t. It seems that working or not is dependent on the complexity or number of the imported files.
    Using code kit (osx) or compiling those file “by hand” using the terminal command works fine, no errors.

    When I use phpstorm for those I told above, an error is thrown (I know that because a terminal window opens in phpstorm only when there are errors), but no error description for compass is given.

    Because all of this is working by compiling it using the osx terminal (even using the compass watch command) and using a third party software as code kit, I guess the error is in phpstorm with too “complex” @imports in compass?

    Can anybody help?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Adrian Grund

      Everything okay now – my fault.
      I did too many @import ‘compass’ in several files… that was sowing down the compile process and it was breaking it.
      So everything is fine now. Thanks a lot!!!

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  • Eugene OZ

    Wow, so fast, already new EAP. Thanks.

  • Kuqoi

    Using File Watchers to compile Coffeescript
    but always popup “File Cache Conflict”

  • Alexander Makarov

    It failed to initialize JavaScript plugin and all related ones with this EAP. Reverted for now.

    • Mikhail Vink

      Please try File | Invalidate Caches and check for plugin updates in settings – should help to resolve the issue

  • Piotr

    Works great 😀 – thx.

    I’ve found a small error:
    When you write a if statement and add else to it the else part gets not closed when you type “else{+Enter”

    • Piotr

      on OSX

    • Mikhail Vink

      Thanks, it’s known bug of this EAP – will be resolved in the next EAP build.
      Thank you!

  • Nicole Cordes

    No patch update yet. Using the former 131.8. Any hints?

    • Mikhail Vink

      There is a patch updated from 131.8 – please try invoking check for updates manually (e.g. in settings)

      • Greg

        Patch update doesn’t seem to work. Any reason why 131.61 is a lower version than the existing 131.8?

        • Mikhail Vink

          What is your operating system? Does the IDE give a notification that the patch is available?

          Sorry, but why 131.61 is lower than 131.8? Our builds have incremented numbers after the dot, so 61 is more than 8 – so the build is higher.

          • Greg

            OSX 10.8.4 Build #PS-131.8, build on August 28, 2013.

            Manual check for updates gives ‘You already have the latest version of PhpStorm installed.’

            Sorry for the stupid question about the build number, makes sense now :-)

          • Greg

            I manually downloaded so not a big deal.

            On another note, I’ve never managed to get Stylus support working, what am I missing? I can’t find anything about it in the preferences, and all my *.styl files are unrecognized.

        • Mikhail Vink

          We’ve investigated – there have been a temporary problem with patch-updates and now the issue is resolved. Sorry for inconvenience.

  • Nicole Cordes

    For me the same “You already have the latest version of PhpStorm installed.” Windows 7 Ultimate latest SP and updates.

    • Mikhail Vink

      We’ve investigated – there have been a temporary problem with patch-updates and now the issue is resolved – please try now. Sorry for inconvenience.

      • Nicole Cordes

        Worked for me now. Thanks!