PhpStorm 7.1 EAP 133.168

PhpStorm 7.1 EAP 133.168 is available for download.

This build is focused on various bug fixes and improvements from the PHP (including @link links clickable in editor, PHP 5.5 standard libs bug fixes, allow protected member access on @var $this), web, & IntelliJ platform sides.

Download PhpStorm 7.1 EAP build 133.168 for your platform from project EAP page and please report any bugs and feature request to our Issue Tracker.

Patch-update from the previous EAP will be available in an hour.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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  • Ignace

    Why is it that the same regressions occur in the EAP over and over again.

    Again is the method chaining broken, you would expect that after breaking it for the 500th time you would have setup some unit-test for it, but nope, you simply broke it for the 501th and you will continue to break it until the end of life for PhpStorm I am guessing.

    • Ignace

      And that’s sad because I encourage my colleagues to use PhpStorm instead of Sublime because PhpStorm is so much cooler and better, but I feel ashamed if they confront me again and again for the same god damn bugs.

      • Ignace

        Make no mistake, I have no problem with bugs, it’s an EAP, I understand, I have a problem however with bugs that have been around since PhpStorm was only version 2 and still occurs while version 8 is around the corner.

        • Mikhail Vink

          Could you please specify what are you talking about? Any specific issue including steps to reproduce? Please file it at

        • Sergey Bondari

          Yes, Ignace, can you be specific about the regression and can you please post here a ticked marked “resolved” here so we all can test it. Your posts sound really concerning to me.

      • Gregor

        Sounds for me like you’re not paying for PHPStorm and you and your colleagues are only using the EAP Versions of PHPStorm.
        When you encourage you’re colleagues to use PHPStorm instead of Sublime you would use the Stable release and have no problems with bugs.
        EAP Versions are EAP Versions and they can have bugs that’s why they called EAP Versions…

        • William

          well for me v7 (stable) is totaly shit. its unstable and unusable.. the EAP (7.1) is much better.. i vowed i would stick to the stable branch… but yeah.. 7 is a disaster so your point is moot

          • Gregor

            I tried v7.0 on three different OS (ArchLinux, OSX and WinXP) and had no problems even not one crash…

          • William

            it freezes a ton of times.. sometimes you type


            and it ends on


            all with a billion spaces. theres a bunch of other inconsistencies 7 brought in.. was really wanting to ditch phpstorm for ANYTHING else cause of it.. 7.1 seems much more refined.. so far only a few hickups

  • Matthieu

    So it’s like v6, we have to wait for the next major release (PhpStorm 8) to have these bugfixes in the stable version?

    It’s too bad, either you stay on EAP to get bugfixes (and then you get also regressions, see comments above), or either you stay with the stable release and don’t get bugfixes at all.

    • Alexey Gopachenko

      Each major release receives multiple bugfix updates – for v6 there were three of them.

  • Henry

    Is there a way how to use EAP versions with regular licences? I would like to stay recent EAP versions with autoupdates and not to have to solve 30rd day expiration, manual updates, etc.

    • Mikhail Vink

      Only EAP versions for major releases (eg 7.0) include 30-day license every build, for current EAPs (for 7.1) a regular license should be used.

  • Alfred Feldmeyer

    As far as I see there is no chance for the old live-edit behavior, isn’t it?

    • Maarten Balliauw

      I’m affraid not. It’s pretty simple to use the context menu and start a debug session though. Let me know if you need any further help.

      • William

        my project is too complicated for a whole debug session thing.. resorted to just alt tab and reload the browser the whole time :(

        (ajax app with logins and stuff)