PhpStorm 7.1 update released: Search Everywhere, Lens Mode, SVN 1.8, Bug Fixes, Improvements & more

It’s only been a few months since the release of PhpStorm 7 but we’re glad to announce a fresh update – let it be our present for upcoming holidays.

PhpStorm 7.1 update brings a bunch of features, bug fixes and improvements for PHP & web related technologies, as well as all changes from the significantly improved IntelliJ IDEA 13 platform.

Download PhpStorm 7.1 right now!

On the PHP side:

  • Exception breakpoints and Xdebug jit option support
  • Full Doctrine-style PHP Annotations support via updated Open API
  • A way to document mixins regardless of PHP version: PhpStorm will interpret @mixin annotation the same way as actual “use trait” – see WI-1730
  • VCS-friendly Deployment configs: deployment mappings and excluded paths are now saved in .idea/deployment.xml. They are mapped to servers by names, see WI-715 for more information
  • Clickable @link URLs in editor
  • Special treatment for protected member access on @var-declared $this in Views
  • Parameter name suggestion based on its type name
  • and many other bug fixes and improvements.

On the web side:

  • Mocha framework integration
  • Improved support for Dart language
  • LESS 1.5.0 is supported

Learn more about web subsystem updates at the WebStorm’s blog.

PhpStorm 7.1 update bring you completely in sync with the recently released IntelliJ IDEA 13 platform, delivering a lot of fixes, improvements and features, such as:

  • Search Everywhere
    We are sure you are taking advantage of Navigate to Class/File/Symbol, Find Action and other advanced navigation features, but why not use a brand new powerful Search Everywhere to find a class, file, action or even an IDE setting always using the same action?
    Just try it with the icon  on the top-right or invoke it with Double-Shift.

  • Lens Mode
    Hover the mouse over a warning, error strip or just some section on the scroll bar, and PhpStorm shows you the source code fragment annotated with the warning/error message.

  • The new PhpStorm interface is even more minimalistic and functional with the toolbar and tool window buttons hidden by default. You can always invoke View | Toolbar and View | Tool Buttons (or just icon on the left-bottom) if you would like to get it back.

  • Speed Search
    The new Speed Search makes it easier for you to navigate over the items thanks to highlighting matches.

  • Navigate to folder
    You can navigate to a folder just as quickly as to a file, by using Navigate to File action.

  • Better performance with faster Find Usages and Navigate to Actions, and more responsive editor during indexing. Frequently used symbols now appear in the results of Find Usages faster than before.
  • Find in Strings and Comments: take advantage of improved Find in Path action with ability to look through comments and String literals (you can search over the project using specific scopes).

  • New fast and powerful log viewer for Git and Mercurial.

  • Support for Subversion 1.8 (via the native client).
  • Even more Database tools and SQL support improvements.
  • Retina support in JDK 7 (more information).
  • and much more… (see IntelliJ IDEA 13 what’s new page for more information)

Download a 30-day trial for your platform right now from the web site. A patch-update from the previous version is not available this time.

PhpStorm 7.1 is a free update for you if you purchased your license after October 22, 2012!

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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