PhpStorm 8 EAP 136.1255

PhpStorm 8 EAP 136.1255 is available for download.

From the PHP side, this build features:

  • wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbWordPress Support (read full tutorial)
    – WordPress integration in PhpStorm for new plugins (with plugin skeleton) and existing projects
    – WordPress code style
    – Development environment configuration for WordPress
    – Hooks support (Completion for registration functions parameters; Navigation from hook registration functions to hook invocation; Callbacks from hook registration; and other hooks-related features)
    – Search on right from the editor
    – WordPress command line tool WP-CLI integration
  • PHPUnit 4.0 support
  • Structural Search & Replace plugin is bundled, definition of custom inspections (Structural Search Inspection) is possible now (WI-5493)
  • Code Formatting: alignment consecutive class constants (new option PHP | Wrapping and Braces | Class field/constant groups | Align constants)
  • and much more (see full list in our issue tracker)…

WebStorm 8 is in Beta right now (read more in WebStorm blog and on What’s Coming in WebStorm 8 page), so from the web side we are bringing:

  • Support for debugging with node-webkit
  • Harmony modules are supported
  • Updated Dart and Spy-js plugins
  • JSON console inspection in JS debugger
  • Bunch of bug fixes in various web subsystems

IntelliJ platform also features many bug fixes and improvements.

See full release notes for a list of changes.

Download PhpStorm 8 EAP build 136.1255 for your platform from project EAP page and please report any bugs and feature request to our Issue Tracker.

Patch-updates are available from the previous PhpStorm 8 EAP build (134.1456).

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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  • Tom Maaswinkel

    Link to the releasenotes is broken :-(

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Thank you! I’ve fixed the link.

    • Tom Maaswinkel

      Seems like they just fixed id :-)

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  • David Frame

    For an IDE that drives things forward in terms of improving code quality and standards in the PHP ecosystem (refactoring tools, PHP_Codesniffer integration, Composer integration, phpUnit, etc) it feels somewhat disingenuous for you to suddenly add support for WordPress, a project that remains firmly rooted in the ‘bad old days’ despite its popularity. YMMV.

    • Haehnchen

      i looked at the code of wordpress plugin, is just a small plugin with “no magic”. just reuse of openapi. so it dont cost too much resources, i think .)

    • Aleksandr


    • Volker


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  • Kurt Flint

    You are officially the funniest thing I have heard all darned day. Bless you!

    DUDE!!! We’re writing PHP. Our fail has already occurred. I have to rewrite the company news app. So be it. We are in hell for a few weeks no matter what. Hopefully you’ll get to go home to a nice world of C++ and C# or Java (or whatever floats your boat, as long as it is strongly typed and has a compiler!) and are not stuck out here in the land of WordPress and other obsolescence like legacy CodeIgniter projects forever. PHP today is like going back to college, except it feels like somebody wrote this to only feel like an object oriented language, its like someone wrote the Java or C# ecosphere using a 2002 copy of Visual Basic.

    Actually, I kind of like CI to tell the truth. Easier to write from scratch with it than to pound some copy of Typeo3 into shape. And its easy to test. 😀


    • 4nd

      So that’s it then? Use PHP and you are ‘stuck out here in the land of WordPress and other obsolescence like legacy CodeIgniter projects forever’. Is that all that PHP is to you?

      What an unfortunate attitude to take! So much has been done in the past few years to improve PHP and promote development of modern, scalable, secure applications yet it still suffers due to it’s relationship to these legacy projects.

      I’d like to say this validates @DavidFrame’s point, particularly when they could’ve added support for some of the more modern/popular projects, but the whole situation is just disheartening. Clearly there’s still a long way to go before people start taking the language more seriously, even though for many it is THE language of the internet.


  • Kuqoi

    Add support for laravel please

    • laravelplz


    • M


    • 4nd

      and me

    • Jesus


    • Command Z

      PLEASE! +1

  • Vu Quyet Tam

    Please support framework Laravel :(

    • jmcbade


    • Jesus


    • Pablo


  • Eugene OZ

    Awesome idea to remove scrollbars!
    Let’s remove keyboard and monitor also!
    Scrollbars are for noobs.

    • Mark

      I don’t think I’ve ever actually used the scrollbar in PhpStorm thanks to all the hotkeys, but even just for knowing where you are in the file, it’s useful. Also, the fact that it doesn’t come back when you mouse over it is absurd. This was a bad idea. It should be configurable at least.

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  • Daniel

    Please add support for the WordPress theme systems as well :) And what about adding support for phpBB as well?

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  • Matt van Andel

    @David Frame: WordPress is the most popular web CMS on the planet, why wouldn’t they add support for it? There’s a reason that a substantial part of it’s code base is still procedural, and that reason is that it’s the most popular web CMS on the planet. When you have that many people using it, you have to exercise an abundance of caution of conservatism to prevent massive scale breaking changes.

    The good news is that WordPress has a massive community of dedicated, intelligent, and talented contributors that drive it’s evolution ever onward. It’s always improving, it’s core is always getting better, and all new contributions are appropriately object oriented.

    So your complaint isn’t just disingenuous, it’s outrageous. Adding WordPress support doesn’t just make sense for developers, it makes sense for JetBrains. I’ll tell you what, does Sublime or Netbeans support WordPress like this? Nope. These updates make PhpStorm with the while to every single WordPress developer out there.*

    * Save for the infuriating and as-yet-unremedied problem of PhpStorm not recognizing constants defined within a class.

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