Webinar Recording: Spec BDD with PhpStorm and PhpSpec

The recording of our May 27th webinar, Spec BDD with PhpStorm and PhpSpec with Kacper Gunia, is available on JetBrains YouTube channel.

Useful links from the webinar:

In this webinar we dive into BDD workflow in PhpStorm IDE and show how to drive design of your code with PhpSpec. With focus on refactoring, source and file navigation, live templates and autocompletions you can learn how to shorten your development feedback loop and write well specified applications faster.

This webinar is geared towards developers of different proficiency and features Q&A session in the end.

Kacper Gunia works as Software Engineer and Trainer for SensioLabs UK in London. He is a Symfony Certified Developer with 5 years of experience with framework. Passionate about TDD/BDD, huge believer in Open Source and Agile practitioner. 

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  • Paul

    Hi there, thanks for these links, however, after going tothe Uncle Bob Bowling Kata page, I still can’t find the files for the Bowling Kata, can someone paste a link?

  • http://codebook.cc Mike

    Thanks for this webinar. Unfortunately I missed it due to network errors while downloading the Citrix GotoMeeting.

    At first sight it was exciting but lost it’s charm after a few minutes because plenty key shortcuts and the game you wrote came were foregrounded. It was too little on phpSpec itself and the 50 minutes video had the same substance like reading the documentation for 5 minutes.

  • Vinai


    thanks for the webinar recording!
    Unfortunately the link to the Live templates settings is broken. Could you please update it? Thank you!