PhpStorm 8 EAP 138.1505

PhpStorm 8 EAP 138.1505 is available for download. Significant changes are:

  • Blade templates complete support. Highlighting, completion, navigation, find usages, inspections, folding, custom directives and more (read more in the blog post)
  • Generated PHPDoc class name style option: Settings | Code Style | PHP | PHPDoc | Generated Doc Blocks | Use fully-qualified class names
  • ANSI sequences support in the output of run/debugged PHP Script
  • Drupal comments completion (template is available for editing in Settings | File Templates | Includes | Drupal Hook Implementation Doc Comment)
  • ClassName::class completion
  • many bug fixes and improvements (see full list in our issue tracker)…

Other improvements and IntelliJ platform and web support changes are also included, see complete release notes.

Download PhpStorm 8 EAP build 138.1505 for your platform from project EAP page and please report any bugs and feature request to our Issue Tracker. Patch-update will be available within an hour from the previous EAP build (PhpStorm 8 EAP 138.1289).

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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  • Mikhail Krasilnikov
    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Please check “Fixed versions” and if there is no version that we don’t have estimates yet.

  • Rick

    Blade support, Wow! Great. This will make my day so much better :)

    Anyone knows why I get a different background on function calls and variables in my blade views? Screen:

    I guess it is because PHP Storm thinks the variable is undefined or something. Where do I change this color? or remove the check.

    • Diego Hernandes

      Not Defined Variables get different syntax, maybe it does not recognize since that variable is not being declare inside the view….

      • Rick

        Yep. But it doesn’t look like I can disable the code inspect for blade, or change the syntax color.

        • Bionik6

          Hi, Here is a fix.

          Go to the Settings->Color & Fonts->General
          In ‘Default Text’, pick the Background Color then go to Injected Language Fragement, click to the Background Color and paste the color code you picked earlier.

          Hope it helps!

          • zeckdude

            Thanks so much! This worked like a charm, although instead of changing the background color of the Injected Language Fragment to the default text background color, I simply turned it off.

  • Matthieu

    Patch update?! Hell yeah, thanks for doing that :)

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  • Michael Brooks

    Think I might have had a problem with a plugin as my Laravel project’s file structure was stuck on “loading”. Don’t know what plugin it was, but I uninstalled PHPStorm along with my cache and plugins and this fixed the problem.

    Sent and error report just in case, but so far on the Blade stuff, it’s looking really promising. 😀

    • Marcus Jaschen

      @Michael Brooks: It seems the Markdown plugin is responsible for the stuck project loading.

      Everything is fine after I deactivated the plugin.

      • Maxime Fabre

        Can confirm this. Deactivating it solved it for me too.

      • Mike McLin


        • Dimitri Roose


          • Levi Olson


        • Nikolai Ilushko

          I had this problem too, Dectivated Markdown plugin back to work :)

  • Jeroen Noten

    Yes! Blade support 😀 It’s a very welcome addition

  • Alexander Obuhovich

    Patch update breaks package signature on OSX.

    I had this for previous patch update as well.

    • Mikhail Vink

      The issue with Mac OS X patch should be resolved with the next EAP.

  • Marcus Jaschen

    Blade support is a great new feature :-)

    Thanks, Jetbrains!

  • Mark

    Project trees don’t load anymore. Just sits there, spinning forever:

    • imposibrus

      in my case this is because of markdown plugin. i just disable it in Settings -> Plugins and restart IDE.

      • Jannik Zschiesche

        Yep, I also disabled the markdown plugin. Fixed it for me, too

        • Carlton

          Thanks perfect solution

    • Kris

      Have you done F)ile | Invalidate Caches / Restart?

      Usually that fixes any big issues I have when updating…

    • Rick

      Some thing for me.

      • Andreas Kihlberg

        Had the same problem but the solutions from imposibrus and Kris worked for me.

    • Barry

      Same problem here. Invalidating cache didn’t work, only disabling Markdown plugin did. Couldn’t send an error report because the send button was grayed out.
      Happened on 3 different PC’s, all with the same problem, only on the latest EAP.

    • Greg

      Same issue here on OSX. Disabling MarkDown solved the issue, invalidating caches didn’t.

  • Travis

    It seems that this release is crashing when trying to load a configuration file. When going to run > edit configuration > phpunit > external configuration and selecting a phpunit.xml, it immediately crashes every time.

  • Kris

    Is LiveEdit for node (found in the latest WebStorm EAP) coming any time soon? Also PhoneGap support?

    • Mikhail Vink

      It’s already available in this EAP. Just update LiveEdit and Node.JS plugins and get PhoneGap/Cordova plugin from Settings | Plugins | Browse repositories…

  • Victor Menendez

    Anyone else notice “Terminal” missing from the Tools Menu? I can double-shift to find it and run it but it is missing from the menu… At least for me…

    • Jannik Zschiesche

      Yep, you are right. It is not included in the tools menu anymore.

      (see here, no path to the setting for the first entry (“Terminal”) )

  • Simon

    Thank you for the new update, but some of us are waiting since 16 months and more for a solution for “Honor HTML Indentation Settings”
    A bug in a basic feature.

    That could not be so difficult to take a different indentation for anything between <?php, and the rest is html indentation.

    This bug costs me hundreds of hours for manually correcting, because “reformat code” destroys html indentation in php files and everything must be corrected manually or by endless search & replace.

    Please fix this bug, thank you. I am exhausted of waiting and waiting again …
    Each update a read the release notes and nothing is fixed, thats disappointing

    • Liubov Melnikova

      There is no ETA for the fix. As soon as it is fixed, you will receive a notification if you follow the issue on YouTrack.

    • Mutahhar

      hey Simon!

      I am facing same issue and ended up here while searching solution. If you have found a solution for this issue, would you mind to share it here?

      Regards MMN

  • Reishou

    Yeah, Blade!!!!! Oh my! So happy!

  • Miguel Angel

    Good update but I have an error “Error updating changes: svn: E155030: previous operation has not finished: run ‘cleanup’ if it was interrupted” in Change: Local window every time I update my svn project.

  • Kevin

    On behalf of Bruno ( and myself ) I’ll just leave this here:

    Thanks for the Blade support, Jetbrains! You guys are awesome :)

    Seriously, though, you all work very hard and provide top notch products.

  • Andrew Ellis

    Has anyone else noticed flickering when writing code on the Yosemite public beta? My lines of code will start flickering as I type, or if I arrow up or down. This started happening in the last EAP and I just dealt with it. But for some reason today it’s irritating me ha. Not sure if it’s PhpStorm or Yosemite though…

    • Andrew Ellis

      Alright, so what appears to happen is when the flickering starts I need to bring another application into focus, and then go back to PhpStorm and the flickering stops. Makes me think it’s Yosemite and not PhpStorm. Might also be the Java beta I’ve had to install to even launch PhpStorm. Joys of being on the bleeding edge!

      • Phillip Harrington

        Happens for me even after going back to PHPStorm. Can’t make it stop. I try quitting and restarting it, but it continues. I’m on Mavericks.

    • Lorenzo

      I do have this annoying flickering too, in Yosemite (release) with the Apple Java 1.6, PHPStorm 8. The background of the editor flickers very often when scrolling. I am using the Darcula theme. Switching Applications back and forth doesn’t help in my case.

    • Phillip Harrington

      Every 15 to 30 seconds, the entire window will just blink or flicker or flash. I get the flickering on Mavericks weather I’m full screen or not and even if the app is not focused, i.e. I’m not even scrolling. It just does it constantly. I don’t know what’s up. It’s *really annoying*. Does anyone have any advice?

  • Ahmad Samiei

    good news! having Blade

  • dotcrump

    I can’t wait the stable release.
    PhpStorm and Laravel make PHP development an amazing experience.

  • Christian Magill

    This version causes all my FTP connections to come up with could not list contents of folder errors.

  • Anatoliy

    At EAP all version on my project always close dialog Alt+Home. When I select list on dir Alt+Home and change directory panel is close, always. At prev. release build all work fine. Thanks.

  • wiesson

    The “reformat code” function does not work for me with blade.php template files. Any suggestions or hints how I can fix this?

    • Maxim Kolmakov

      Please update to the latest 8.0.2 RC3 build 139.496.

      • wiesson

        Thank you!