Webinar recording – What’s New in PhpStorm 8

Posted on by Mikhail Vink

The recording of our October 7th webinar, What’s New in PhpStorm 8: Evolving with You with Maarten Balliauw, is available on JetBrains YouTube Channel.

During the webinar, Maarten overviews new features and major improvements brought by PhpStorm 8 release.

PhpStorm 8, released on 16th September 2014, brings even more emerging technologies to help you enjoy web development, with deepest-ever code understanding and advanced support for remote environments.

  • PHP Language Support: completely re-worked language injections into PHP literals; PHP 5.6 full support; source & test directories for PHP
  • Frameworks: Blade template engine support; WordPress support; Drupal 8 support
  • Behat support
  • Remote PHP interpreters support
  • Web technologies: AngularJS; Grunt; spy-js
  • Platform: Multiple carets and selections; working with a single file without creating a project; bundled Scratch plugin
  • and more…
Maarten BalliauwMaarten Balliauw is a Developer Advocate at JetBrains. His interests are all web: ASP.NET MVC, PHP and Windows Azure. He’s a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Windows Azure and an ASPInsider. He has published many articles in both PHP and .NET literature such as MSDN magazine and PHP architect. Maarten is a frequent speaker at various national and international events such as MIX (Las Vegas), TechDays, DPC and others..
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10 Responses to Webinar recording – What’s New in PhpStorm 8

  1. xento says:

    October 9, 2014

    I’ve develop http://www.buscoespecialista.com with Symfony2 in PHPStorm trial. And I can say is the best IDE I’ve ever test.

  2. Pavel says:

    October 10, 2014

    Hey, Maarten!
    Is there any way to suppress these errors? I use #1/2 example a lot and it makes my code yellow/red and frustrated me :[ I think valid code should not be marked like errors.

    Code example

    $query = 'select * from '.$tableName.' where id = ?';
    • Pavel says:

      October 10, 2014

      Last example seems OK but
      1. I (and i think a lot of people) do not like strings in double quotes because of look and performance
      2. Code with single quotes and break-in variable is absolutely valid

      • Christian says:

        October 10, 2014

        You can actually ignore the performance benefit: http://www.phpbench.com/

        • Pavel says:

          October 10, 2014

          Thanks for the comment, I checked and it looks like difference is not significant anymore. Interesting thing is that according to my test double quotes are even slightly faster than single-quote joining on 10k iterations and slightly slower on 100k 🙂

      • Pavel says:

        October 10, 2014

        BTW, double quotes do not solve problem completely if you specifying fields: Errors screenshot

        $q = "select id from $table where $whereClause"

        In this case IDE (obviously) will not be able to resolve table name and check that field id exists. And this is OK. Not OK is that it reports about error makes code and there is no way to suppress it. 🙁

        • Sebastiaan van Stijn says:

          October 11, 2014

          I’ve had the same problem when using sprintf() for SQL statements, for example;

          $sql = sprintf(“select * from foobar where id = %d”, $id);

          I’m not expecting PhpStorm to resolve the value (although it would be nice), but having an option to suppress the error via a @ignore annotation would be very welcome.

          I haven’t searched the issue tracker yet, but I think we should create a feature request if it doesn’t exist yet.

  3. Evgeny says:

    October 11, 2014

    It would be nice to have a way to create multiple cursor from keybord. As an example how it could be done you can take a look into Notepad++ where you can create many cursor using empty vertical text selection pressing ALT+SHIFT+DOWN multiple times.
    This way you can create as many rows cursors as you need really quick. Clicking 10 times with mouse not really handy.


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