Early Access Program

PhpStorm 9 EAP 141.1224

PhpStorm 9 EAP 141.1224 is available for download.

From the PHP side, this build brings:

  • Partial support for PHP 7 return type hints (see WI-23701 for details and related issues)
  • Postfix code completion for PHP supports aliases (nn for notnull and ! for not), new templates, such as fe (foreach), throw, echo, other postfix code completion improvements
  • PHP formatting improvements and new formatter options (brace placement for namespaces)
  • New inspection: checks for namespace case-insensitive usage
  • and more (see full list in our issue tracker)

Other changes from IntelliJ platform and web are also included, see complete release notes.

Download PhpStorm 9 EAP build 141.1224 for your platform from project EAP page and please report any bugs and feature request to our Issue Tracker. Patch update from the previous version (PhpStorm 9 EAP build 141.1000) is already available.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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