Debugging from the REST API Client in PhpStorm 11

New in PhpStorm 11, you can now step-debug your REST API right from within the REST API test tool, without ever leaving your IDE. It’s live in the current EAP and planned for release in Q2 2016.

The REST API test tool has been bundled with PhpStorm for a long time, but you’ve never been able to easily initiate a step-debugging session until now.

PhpStorm 11 has a brand new button in the API test tool that sends the HTTP request with the right cookie automatically set, so step debugging your API has never been easier.

debug rest api

To use the debugger, just make sure Xdebug is configured and enabled. Now you can use the new “Submit request in debug mode” button to easily send the request and initiate the debugger.

Once the request is set and the breakpoint is hit, you can debug your API endpoint in exactly the same way you can debug a traditional HTTP request, or command line script.


– Gary and the PhpStorm Team


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