PhpStorm 11 Public Preview

It has been 3 months since PhpStorm 10 was released. Within these 3 months we were working hard to bring you even better development experience. We wanted to keep our promise and deliver more frequent updates, being focused on quality and bring you not only new features, but also long-awaited fixes and enhancements. We are proud of what we achieved within this period of time and happy to announce the public preview of PhpStorm 11, which is the first update in the series of the releases planned for 2016.


If you want to learn all the details about the new features or to get yourself a copy to try right away, please visit our website. Here are some notable highlights of this release:

  • PHP Language & Editing Experience: Serious and long-awaited improvements were made in support of the PHP language such as improved type inference, completion, support of traits and more. Besides that we fully supported group use statements, added Make static refactoring and prepared new handy intentions (such as convert switch to if and if to switch or flip if/else branches) .
  • New Debugging Experience: We made Zero-Configuration Debugging easier to discover for new users. Besides now you can debug RESTful Web Service right from within the REST Client with XDebug for REST client feature.
  • Frameworks and Tools: PhpStorm contains now the Keep-Alive feature for SFTP/FTP/FTPS servers and Remote Interpreters, which was one of the most wanted features for the last 6 years. Moreover we prepared for you project-level interpreters, support for rerun failed tests for PHPUnit/Behat, and usability improvements for Remote Interpreters.

Please see our issue tracker for the full list of PHP-related issues fixed and release notes from the previous EAP build.

PhpStorm 11 also brings major improvements in support of top-notch web technologies, such as:

  • Improved Angular 2 support
  • Better TypeScript support
  • New features in JavaScript debugger

From the IntelliJ Platform this release borrows:

  • Right-to-left languages support
  • Speed search (in show usages and terminal)
  • JSON Schema
  • Docker plugin improvements
  • Enhancements in Version Control and Database tools

Please look at the overview of all PhpStorm 11 features and download the build from PhpStorm website. A patch update is already available from the previous EAP build (PhpStorm 11 EAP 145.61).

If you have any feedback to share with us, please do so in the forum, comments to this blog post, or the issue tracker, as the PhpStorm 11 release is just around the corner!

The Drive to Develop!
JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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