PhpStorm 2016.1.1 EAP 145.969

PhpStorm 2016.1.1 EAP 145.969 is available for download.

From the PHP side, this build delivers:

  • Improved completion list ordering
  • Time Tracking plugin
  • Clickable URL links
  • and other bug fixes and improvements (see full list in our issue tracker).

Other changes from IntelliJ platform and web are also included, see complete release notes.

Download PhpStorm 2016.1.1 EAP build 145.969 for your platform from project EAP page and please report any bugs and feature request to our Issue Tracker. Patch update from the previous version (PhpStorm 2016.1.1 EAP build 145.844) is already available.

The Drive to Develop
-JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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  • Thierry Goettelmann

    Yay! It’s christmas again :)

  • Batman

    waiting for stable release

  • Julien Tant

    Cool, Time Tracker :-)

  • Mark P

    Fonts got all fat in this release on Ubuntu. They’re all bold. Some of the horizontal spacing is a little off too. Effects all menus, tabs, file menu, settings, but not the code editor itself.

  • Piotr Czyz

    How can I use Time Tracking plugin?

  • Jonas Erlandsson

    I’m using the EAP version of PHPStorm and now that I’ve updated to the latest version it says that my key isn’t valid anymore. Did you change the license agreement so that one cannot update phpstorm to renew the EAP license?