PhpStorm 2016.3 EAP 163.3983

The new PhpStorm 2016.3 EAP build (163.3983) is now available for download! You can download it here or, if you have installed the previous PhpStorm 2016.3 EAP build (163.3512), you should soon get a notification in the IDE about a patch update.

This build delivers new features, bug fixes and improvements for PHP and the Web, and takes on the latest improvements in IntelliJ Platform.

Code Style Settings for PHP 7 return types

In PhpStorm 2016.3 we’ve added code style settings to add/remove space before/after colon for PHP 7 return types. Now it’s very easy to reformat your PHP 7 code and make it look just perfect by pressing “Reformat Code” shortcut.


See the full list of bug-fixes and improvements list in our issue tracker and in the complete release notes.

Download PhpStorm 2016.3 EAP build 163.3983 for your platform from the project EAP page and please do report any bugs and feature request to our Issue Tracker.

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12 Responses to PhpStorm 2016.3 EAP 163.3983

  1. Ray says:

    Update cannot be installed.

    Build #PS-163.3512.10, built on August 31, 2016
    JRE: 1.8.0_102-b14 amd64
    OS: Windows 7 (6.1, amd64)

  2. Joshua Gigg says:

    > Patch update is not supported – please do it manually’

  3. Bolla Sándor says:

    space and enter buttons does not work on my keyboard in all the text files using the editor, newly installed
    Linux ubuntu 14.04 with ibus 1.5.11 installed

    Storm start with Cannot read scheme html_xml.xml

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