How to Keep a Git Fork up to Date

As part of our series on solving problems in Git, Trisha Gee and myself have recorded a new video on “How to Keep a Git Fork up to Date”.

I’ll be honest, this solves a problem I constantly had myself. Once you’ve forked a repository on GitHub, how do you come back to that fork at a later date and make sure your fork is in sync with the repository you forked from?

Without saying “fork” anymore, let’s take a look at the video.


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  • ConstB

    thanks for the demos. I’d actually like if you dedicate another one to the different kind of branch merging – one that does rebasing with squashing all commits into one. I’m currently using git-tower client to do that and I wonder if this is possible in PhpStorm

    another feature of git-tower that I use once in a while is committing only some of the changed lines of a file while keeping other ones uncommitted. is this an option in PhpStorm’s git? because I didn’t manage to figure this out

    • GeeH

      Hi ConstB – yes, this is possible, it’s something we intend covering in an upcoming video – stay tuned!

  • NarrationSD

    Another vote for you to continue these demos and explanations.

    Git has documentation which is nearly impenetrable, even if you understand source control, unless you want to waste an enormous amount of time to become familiar with it all.

    Even the most simple procedures, like this one, are thus felt mainly as a risk. So I think you are doing experienced as well as new software persons a great service by illustrating how to do common things.


  • meda

    I have been struggling with that, and my quick and dirty solution was to delete the fork and recreated, thanks!!!.