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VCS in Depth for PhpStorm

Last summer the PyCharm team released some amazing content introducing the version control system (VCS) in PyCharm. These videos are equally as relevant to PhpStorm as they are to PyCharm, as the two IDEs share the same underlying platform.

We understand that the editor being different can be slightly distracting and that you’d prefer to see PHP files instead of Python in the video, but these videos are just too useful not to share. So try and get past the odd indenting, and predictable function arguments, and give them a go. Just like that strange black and white film with subtitles, once you get into the video you’ll hardly notice the differences between PyCharm and PhpStorm.

The first video gives an introduction to VCS, including versioning without a VCS (using Local History), setting up a local Git repository, uploading to GitHub, and checking out from GitHub.

The next episode covers the fundamentals: Color Coding, Adding Files, Committing Changes, Using Refactor, then Diff, History, Revert, and Update.

Finally, to the more complicated stuff: branching, merging, and pushing.

We’d love to hear what you think. Could you get past the fact that it’s the wrong IDE or was that a leap too far? Drop me a Tweet and give us some feedback.

— Gary and the PhpStorm Team

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