Videos: Testing with PhpStorm

Anna Lebedeva

PhpStorm supports all the major PHP testing frameworks: PHPUnit, Codeception, Behat, and PHPSpec.

Recently we’ve published a series of short videos about running PHPUnit and Codeception tests in PhpStorm. The videos guide you through the PHPUnit and Codeception setup process and show you how to work with test results.

This process is generally the same whichever testing framework or PHP interpreter you choose. First, configure a PHP interpreter. Second, configure the testing framework. Third, create a dedicated run configuration for the selected test framework, and finally run it.

Use the links below to jump directly to the video you’d like to watch:

Running PHPUnit Tests locally

Running PHPUnit Tests with Vagrant

Running PHPUnit Tests in PhpStorm with Docker

Running Codeception Tests with Local Interpreter

Running Codeception Tests with Vagrant

Running Codeception Tests with Docker

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