PHP Annotated Monthly – February 2018

PHP Annotated Monthly LogoIt’s February already! As the year rolls along relentlessly, here are all the links to all the blog posts you need to read curated by Gary Hockin, Developer Advocate for PhpStorm.

PHP, Testing & Development

What do you mean you haven’t upgraded to PHP 7 yet? The PHP Consulting Company are already looking forward to Putting PHP 8 on the Roadmap so there’s no excuse to be running PHP 5 anymore. This is the last time I’m going to try and guilt you into upgrading PHP (more on that later), so take the opportunity – you’ll thank me later.

Frameworks and Libraries

Another final reminder that Silex, the Symfony micro-framework goes end of life in only four months so now’s the time to make plans to upgrade or migrate. You can read more from Fabien Potencier in The End of Silex.

The other exciting news is that PSR-15 has passed an entrance vote. PSR-15 defines a standard for request handlers and middleware and paves the way for interoperable middlewares that can be dropped into any PSR-15 compliant application. The upshot of this is we can hopefully expect packages and libraries that can be dropped into any PSR-15 application to immediately give you functionality. This is particularly exciting for things like authentication and caching, so expect so cool stuff coming soon.




Community, Career, and Events

I very much enjoyed Your Company is Screwing Itself by Not Supporting Open Source Software on Medium which makes a valid point about financially supporting OS software and authors. This is a difficult tightrope to walk, but voluntarily supporting your favourite OS project can only be a good thing.

Finally, the news that I am leaving JetBrains after over two years as Developer Advocate for PhpStorm. JetBrains has been a very enjoyable part of my career and I’d like to thank everyone in the team and wish them all the best for the future. I’m going to be working as an engineer at the BBC, a career move that I’m excited and privileged to make.

Thanks to everyone who’s enjoyed this post over the years, it’s been great fun.

– Gary & The PhpStorm Team


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