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PhpStorm 2020.2 Beta

PhpStorm 2020.2 Beta is now available!

All the major features have already been implemented, so this is the perfect time to download the upcoming version and give it a try, if you haven’t already done so.

Below is a round-up of the most notable new features for the upcoming 2020.2 release. The links will take you to the EAP posts published over the last few months with detailed descriptions of each feature.



  • Full support for GitHub Pull Requests that allows you to browse, assign, manage, and even merge pull requests, view the timeline and in-line comments, submit comments and reviews, and accept changes.
  • OpenAPI support via the plugin.
  • New Inspection Widget to navigate through issues in the code effectively.

Version Control

Web Technologies

  • You can use Prettier as the default formatter in JavaScript projects.
  • Support for Vue.js is now best-in-class.
  • Documentation comments are rendered in the editor.

Database Tools

  • New separate editor for cell values can help if you have a huge value in your cell.
  • New UI for boolean helps to quickly distinguish true values from all the others.
  • With the DML preview, you can now see the query that represents your changes in the data editor.
  • Basic support for the Google BigQuery dialect.


These are just the key enhancements in the upcoming PhpStorm 2020.2. If you’d like to learn more, check out the What’s coming in PhpStorm 2020.2 playlist on our YouTube channel, JetBrainsTV.

Note that Beta builds are significantly more stable than EAP builds, but some issues might still pop up. If you run into any, please report them to our issue tracker. No license is required to use this build.

Download and try PhpStorm Beta.

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