PhpStorm 2021.2.4 RC

The release candidate build for PhpStorm 2021.2.4 is available.

Besides bug fixes and enhancements, this release brings an important new feature: trusted projects.

Trusted projects

PhpStorm 2021.2.4 RC introduces the concept of trusted projects, designed to mitigate the risks associated with working with projects from unknown and untrusted sources.

When you open a project, PhpStorm doesn’t execute any code from it and checks whether it is trusted or from a trusted location. If the project currently is not trusted, the IDE will ask you to choose whether to open it in safe mode or full-trust mode.

If you open a project in safe mode, many IDE features, such as error highlighting, will be disabled. However, you can still browse the project’s contents and open its source files in the editor.

The IDE will also warn you about all potential code execution, which includes running Composer commands and refreshing the versions for configured test frameworks and PHP command-line tools.

To avoid showing warnings for every project, PhpStorm lets you define trusted locations under Preferences/Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Trusted Locations. Projects in directories specified as “Trusted Locations” are always considered trusted. To ensure that you get the untrusted project warnings only when something out of the ordinary is happening, it is recommended adding the directory where you usually create projects to trusted locations.

If you want to disable the untrusted project warnings, you can add your machine’s root directory to the trusted locations. But since this could potentially leave you open to an attack, it is generally not recommended.

Notable updates in this build:

  • Main menu is slow to build and it can lead to a crash (IDEA-277709 +35)
  • Proxy authentication does not work after update to IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2.1 (IDEA-276949 +19)
  • Currently active result tab gets removed when attempting to remove others (IDEA-274154 +17)
  • Sass @use / @import statements without tilde aren’t being resolved correctly (WEB-53120 +13)
  • ESLint 8.0: doesn’t work with YarnPnP (WEB-52594 +13)
  • Restoring a Diff moved to a separate Window could produce an empty frame. (IDEA-277226 +12)
  • Tailwind Plugin autocomplete for ERB / Rails helpers (WEB-48542 +8)
  • Stylelint Plugin is Incompatible with Stylelint v14 + SCSS (WEB-53225 +7)
  • @import in LESS does not resolve packages in node_modules if `~` is omitted (WEB-49795 +7)
  • Run configuration JDK setting up: Calling invokeAndWait from read-action leads to possible deadlock (IDEA-269675 +6)
  • Any way to suppress “Do not request resource from classloader using path with leading slash” for requests from bundled third-party libraries? (IDEA-274541 +5)
  • @import in scss does not resolve packages in node_modules (WEB-30607 +5)

The full list of changes is available in the release notes.

Download PhpStorm 2021.2.4 RC build 212.5712.22 for your platform here:

We appreciate you reporting any bugs and feature requests to our Issue Tracker.

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