Early Access Program

PhpStorm 2022.3 Beta

In this build, you can try the improved quick documentation, and long-awaited Redis support in Database tools.

Download PhpStorm 2022.3 Beta

Improved Quick Documentation

If you press F1 on any function, class, or method, PhpStorm will show documentation right in the editor. 

This popup has been significantly reworked. Now you don’t need to switch to the browser and search for documentation, because everything is right above your code.

Redis support in Database tools

A preliminary iteration of long-awaited support for Redis has been implemented. 

You will be able to do the following:

  • Connect to Redis Single Instance (Redis Cluster is not yet supported).
  • Introspect databases and keys, including setting a default key filter for the introspector.
  • Explore database: separate folders for keys of different types for Redis v6.0+, and one folder with all keys for older versions.
  • Execute queries: JDBC driver allows working query execution in most cases.
  • Get coding assistance: highlighting, keyword completion, working resolution for databases and keys.
  • Edit objects: Renaming and deleting keys.
  • View data: with filtering, and JSON highlighting.

Learn all the details on DataGrip blog post.

See the release notes for the complete list of changes in the Beta build.

Please let us know about any problems you find by reporting them to our issue tracker or commenting on this post.

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