PhpStorm 2022.3.1 Preview

The preview build for PhpStorm 2022.3.1 is available with a bunch of bugfixes and stability improvements.

Notable changes:

  • Fixed: Vue 3 Setup: Vue TypeScript Service false errors not suppressed in Problems > Project Errors tab WEB-56403
  • Fixed: Actions on Save sometimes don’t work in IDE version 2022.3 IDEA-307368
  • Fixed: Vue.js: support type inference for v-slot scope variable WEB-41084
  • Fixed: Navigation Bar: ugly icons for the test methods with increased UI font IDEA-302213
  • Fixed: Angular: image paths are incorrectly resolved in CSS file WEB-46365
  • Fixed: “Hide” Button on Debugger not functioning when the “Debugger Console” tab is focused WEB-56864
  • Fixed: UI hangs when calling a context menu IDEA-306642
  • Fixed: Issue with Angular component automatic module import WEB-50069
  • Fixed: Run widget: long-running task gets automatically selected after the short-running has finished, would expect the last started there IDEA-295775
  • Fixed: Accessibility errors reported for custom components with names similar to HTML tags WEB-52091
  • Added: Support parsing of PhpStan’s conditional return types WI-66465
  • Fixed: Incorrect import statement placement in Vue component WEB-47509
  • Fixed: Green balloon for Code With Me and Merge dialog has incorrect colors IDEA-291913
  • Fixed: Cannot copy classes between projects WI-69928
  • Fixed: PHPDoc rendering: one-line PhpDoc rendered as empty line WI-69504
  • Fixed: Exception when invoke action “Start listening for PHP Debug connections” WI-69507

See all changes in the release notes.

Download PhpStorm 2022.3.1 Preview build 223.8214.18 for your platform here:

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