PhpStorm 2022.3.2 is now available

PhpStorm 2022.3.2 is the second minor update for PhpStorm 2022.3 and it includes bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. 

You can update by using the Toolbox App or from right inside the IDE. You can also download PhpStorm 2022.3.2 from our website.

These are the most notable changes and bug fixes:

  • Settings Sync: plugins will not be synced between IDEs by default [IDEA-307136]
  • Support ‘JavaScript Standard Style’ version 17 ( [WEB-55664]
  • Fixed: Angular 14: High CPU usage when using instanceof FormGroup [WEB-56411]
  • Fixed: Close icon become visible for the wrong tab [IDEA-272466]
  • Fixed: Running Behat feature steps from gutter creates Cucumber.js run configuration instead of Behat [WI-70062]
  • Fixed: Method call isn’t resolved to related trait if the same method included in class using mixin [WI-65196]
  • Fixed: Quick Documentation: Doesn’t show the constant value [WI-70107]
  • Fixed: PHP_CodeSniffer validation Inspections don’t apply custom severity highlighting [WI-54652]
  • Fixed: Quality Tools: Changing custom severity in `Show warning as` breaks saving of all subsequent changes in PHPCS settings [WI-70156]
  • Fixed: ParaTest: Helpers bootstrap overrides bootstrap from phpunit.xml [WI-70273]
  • Fixed: ParaTest doesn’t work when PhpUnit configuration file is being used as test scope [WI-70496]

The full list of changes in PhpStorm 2022.3.2 is available in the release notes. You can download PhpStorm 2022.3.2 here.

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