Early Access Program

PhpStorm 2023.1 Early Access #6

In this build, you can find several quality-of-life improvements across the various subsystems.

The EAP allows you to try new features from the upcoming PhpStorm 2023.1. EAP builds are free to use and you can install them side by side with a stable version of PhpStorm. If something doesn’t work correctly, you can quickly switch back to the previous version without interfering with your workflow.

User Experience

Redesigned Run widget for the new UI

In response to the feedback we’ve received about the IDE’s new UI, we’ve redesigned the Run widget in the main window header so that its appearance is unobtrusive and easier on the eyes. 

Setting to configure Actions on Save for new projects

PhpStorm 2023.1 EAP 6 adds an option to predefine the behavior of Actions on Save for new projects. 

For this, go to File | New Projects Setup | Preferences For New Projects | Tools | Actions on Save and select which actions you want to be triggered when saving changes in your future projects.

ML-powered search for classes in Search Everywhere enabled by default

To provide you with more relevant and accurate search results, we continue our efforts to integrate machine-learning ranking into the Search Everywhere (Double ⇧ / Double Shift) functionality. 

The sorting algorithm in the Classes tab is now also powered by machine learning by default, along with the results in the Actions and Files tabs.  

You can disable ML-assisted search under Preferences | Advanced Settings | Search Everywhere.


Option to specify the placement of pasted content

If you hit Ctrl+C (Cmd+C) in the editor without selecting anything, PhpStorm will automatically select and copy the whole line.

Starting from PhpStorm 2023.1, there will be a special setting that allows you to control the placement of pasting such copied line. 

In Settings/Preferences | Advanced Settings, find the Editor section and select the desired behavior for the Paste action from the drop-down list. 

Option to show whitespaces only in selected code

There’s a new Selection checkbox in Settings/Preferences | Editor | General | Appearance | Show Whitespace that allows you to configure this setting so that the IDE shows whitespaces as small dots only when you select code. 

Version control systems

Improved code review workflow for GitHub

Our research found that the most common scenario of using pull requests is when a user goes first to GitHub and then refers to the IDE in cases where it’s necessary to fully browse the code. 

To facilitate this workflow, we’ve reworked the Pull Request tool window.  It now features a dedicated tab for each pull request you open. The tab instantly displays the list of changed files, but now provides fewer distractions than before. This allows you to focus better on the current task. 

There is now also a dedicated button to easily execute the action that’s considered the most important given the pull request’s current state.

Please see the release notes for the complete list of changes in the EAP #6 build.

  • Important! PhpStorm EAP builds are not fully tested and may be unstable.
  • You can install an EAP build side by side with a stable PhpStorm version to try out the latest features.
  • EAP builds are free to use and don’t require a license. However, they expire 30 days after the build date, and you’ll then have to download a new build.
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