PhpStorm 2023.2.1 is now available

PhpStorm 2023.2.1 is a minor update, and it includes a host of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

You can update to it using the Toolbox App or right from inside the IDE. You can also download PhpStorm 2023.2.1 from the website.

Here are the most notable changes and bug fixes in this build:

  • Fix: Import is never used: False positive for Symfony annotations added to PHPDoc [WI-73212]
  • Fix: Import is never used: false positive for a PHP Annotation [WI-73945]
  • Fix: AlreadyDisposedException: at com.jetbrains.php.composer.configData.ComposerConfigManager is thrown sometimes [WI-73662]
  • Fix: Exclude/Include patterns based on file path in quality tools configs are not applied when run a tool based on stdin [WI-73310]
  • Fix: SOE in generics completion [WI-73663]
  • Fix: PHPUnit: Too many line breaks / empty space in output after running a test [WI-73483]
  • New: Bundle New UI onboarding in PhpStorm [WI-73543]
  • Fix: PHPUnit configuration file from main project isn’t passed to PHPUnit execution command for subproject [WI-73715]
  • Fix: “Jump to source” on failed tests broken for (at least) Laravel-based test cases after updating to 2023.2 [WI-73764]
  • Fix: Replacing PHPDoc with another PHPDoc using Copy-paste removes the code that contained inserted PHPDOc [WI-73770]
  • Fix: Run of PHPUnit test using remote interpreter fail if subproject has phpunit.xml but phpunit binary from main project (or Phar file) is used [WI-73786]
  • Fix: Cannot save composer.json path in Settings | PHP | Composer [WI-73596]
  • Fix: Limit the number of PHP process that can be spawned for Composer updates check [WI-73645]
  • Fix: Freeze during composer configs detection on a big project [WI-73709]
  • Fix: Test configuration names are “Main” for submodules on Windows [WI-73864]
  • New: Svelte: support type checking for props [WEB-55638]
  • Fix: Menu bar missing on all windows except one on tiling WM / under WSLg [IDEA-323700]
  • Fix: Run configuration macros (like $FilePath$) do not work [IDEA-326733]
  • Fix: Cannot change themes on linux after settings sync from windows if ‘Sync with OS’ enabled [IDEA-283945]
  • Fix: Typescript: “Unreachable ‘case’ branch” false positive for Enums [WEB-61572]
  • Fix: Database console takes focus in Services panel [IDEA-219699]
  • Fix: Cannot open Merge Request on GitLab Community Edition [IDEA-325905]
  • Fix: External CSS stylesheet for Bootstrap is downloaded as a javascipt file. [WEB-60873]
  • Fix: Add an option to display line numbers near the code left margin in distraction-free mode [IDEA-243735]
  • Fix: IDE goes to full screen after several restarts if it was initially opened on secondary monitor and native header is switched off [IDEA-326021]
  • Fix: Open multiple files doesn’t work anymore in results (CTRL + SHIFT + N) [IDEA-326262]
  • New: Tailwind CSS plugin and support for PUG [WEB-48583]
  • Fix: TypeScript service doesn’t work with yarn pnp when typescript version is 5.x or higher [WEB-62221]
  • Fix: Jest 27: Output not nested under test [WEB-53839]
  • New: Angular 15: support hostDirectives [WEB-58269]
  • Fix: can’t exit full screen mode [IDEA-323706]
  • Fix: Center line numbers and gutter in distraction free mode in new UI [IDEA-295551]
  • New: Missing Angular context(s) for Live Templates [WEB-50199]
  • New: Tailwind: add an option to only show Tailwind classes in completion, or show them on the top of the list [WEB-57951]
  • Fix: duplicated source entry is created when creating source folder manually via `CreateDirectoryCompletionContributor` [IDEA-310739]
  • New: CSS Level 4 system colours not supported [WEB-59994]
  • Fix: Vue: don’t report “value is possibly undefined” if it’s set in ‘withDefaults’ [WEB-60438]
  • Fix: Printing fails (File | Print) [IDEA-323747]
  • Fix: Custom html attribute is added with losing case [WEB-15620]
  • Fix: Cannot include relative file in HTTP client files under a module [IDEA-227400]
  • Fix: Intellij hangs while editing xhtml files if schema can’t be fetched quickly (ValidateXmlActionHandler.doParse) [IDEA-238917]
  • Fix: Update quick doc for angular structure directives [WEB-48319]
  • Fix: Jest: special characters in tests path are not escaped, no tests are found [WEB-61581]
  • Fix: Updating bundled plugins removes the plugin files in the IDE’s installation folder which also break patch update [IDEA-326800]
  • Fix: IDE fails to connect to network due to “modulus value out of range” error [IDEA-326919]

The full list of changes is available in the release notes.
And as always, please feel free to report any issues you encounter to our tracker or here in the comments.

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