The Pest Plugin Is Now Maintained by JetBrains

You’ve probably heard about the Pest test framework developed by Nuno Maduro and the community. There is also a dedicated PhpStorm plugin for Pest, which until now has been brilliantly developed by Oliver Nybroe. In this post, we will talk about how JetBrains is going to maintain the plugin, and here’s what that means for the community.


The Pest plugin will be bundled with PhpStorm starting with v2023.3. It will be developed by JetBrains but stay open source.

We want PhpStorm users to get as much use and value out of the box as possible. That’s why we offered the author of the Pest plugin Oliver Nybroe to bundle the plugin in the next release of PhpStorm.

Oliver supported this idea, and we came to an agreement to move the plugin repository under the JetBrains organization. Our team will continue the development, but the plugin will remain fully open source.

This means that any developer can still send a pull request or just use the plugin for inspiration and as a basis for their development, while the PhpStorm team will conduct code reviews. The plugin will continue to be distributed under the MIT license.

We have also closed the existing issues on GitHub and suggest using YouTrack, our public issue tracker, instead. Since the plugin will be a part of the IDE, issues and bugs related to it should be reported in the same place as all others for clarity and consistency.

A thank you to Oliver Nybroe 

We sincerely thank Oliver for his dedication and hard work on the Pest plugin and his contributions to the PHP community. His expertise and creativity have been instrumental in making Pest a beloved tool for PHP developers.

Oliver Nybroe Oliver Nybroe
Copenhagen, Denmark
Senior Software Engineer

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We’re committed to building upon this foundation to provide developers with the best experience possible. You can expect regular updates, and full-fledged support to simplify your testing processes.

What’s coming for Pest in PhpStorm?

As we assume work on the Pest plugin, our primary goal is to ensure that PHP developers have access to a robust and seamlessly integrated solution for their testing needs.

The PhpStorm team has already implemented a noticeable improvement, which is available in the latest version of the plugin.

Reworked custom expectation support engine

Reworking the engine allowed us to fix some technical issues with projects stuck on closing and thus streamline performance.

On top of that, you can now go to a custom expectation declaration and find its usages as expected. Simply Cmd+Click on one or press Cmd+B.

It’s also possible to perform the Rename refactoring for custom declarations, and PhpStorm will automatically rename all occurrences:

This is already available in PhpStorm 2023.2.3 with the latest version of the Pest plugin. To enjoy these new improvements, download the latest plugin version or update to it. Starting with PhpStorm 2023.3, this will be supplied out of the box.

Stay tuned

As we embrace this transition, we are eager to hear your feedback. Your insights, comments, bug reports, and contributions are not only welcome but highly appreciated.

Once again, thanks to Oliver, the Pest community, and PHP developers around the world for their invaluable contributions to this plugin.

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