Early Access Program

PhpStorm 2023.3 Beta

Please welcome PhpStorm 2023.3 Beta. This release allows you to try new features from the upcoming PhpStorm 2023.3. 

The Beta build is part of the EAP, which means that it’s free to use and you can install it side by side with a stable version of PhpStorm. If something doesn’t work correctly, you can quickly roll back back to the previous version without interfering with your workflow.

This build includes:

  • New: Add ability to exclude files/directories from External Libraries [WI-22564]
  • Fix: When renaming a file select only file name part for files with double extensions [WI-27593]
  • Fix: False positive notification about missed vendor directory when it exists [WI-74762]
  • Fix: Network shared disks shouldn’t be displayed in include path tree [WI-74837]
  • Fix: Incorrect code reformatting for dynamic class constant fetch [WI-74817]
  • Fix: No error highlight after code reformatting when you try to fetch class constant in a wrong way [WI-74809]
  • New: Support `json_validate` function [WI-73720]
  • Fix: docker-compose deploy incorrectly prepares ssh environment [IDEA-308217]
  • Fix: When searching for many usages, main time is spent in ShowUsagesAction.setPopupSize [IDEA-321513]

Please see the release notes for the complete list of changes in the Beta build.

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