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Introducing JetBrains Platform Blog and Twitter for plugin developers

logo_JetBrains_3From its very early days, JetBrains has been dedicated to making its products available as a platform to extend and build upon. To this date, our public plugin repositories feature 2000+ plugins for IntelliJ Platform, 200+ for ReSharper and 300+ for TeamCity, not counting many private plugins, as well as standalone IDEs built on top of IntelliJ Platform.

With so much happening in the plugins and extensions development ecosystem, we are currently working in various directions to make plugin development for all JetBrains products an even more pleasant experience.

To share more news around plugin development and related topics with you, and to discuss our ideas and get feedback, today we are launching several brand-new resources. All are targeting plugin and extension developers for various JetBrains tools, which at this moment include IntelliJ Platform, ReSharper Platform, and TeamCity Platform.

In this blog, we are going to share everything related to JetBrains products extensibility: our plans, roadmaps, announcements, releases, new ideas, tips, significant API changes, and guest blog posts.

Please let us know in the comments below what interesting topics you’d like us to start with.

You can also check the following resources for plugin developers:

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