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SVNKit library is removed from the platform

IntelliJ 2018.1 removes the support of svn integration via SVNKit. The library is also removed from the platform dependencies and is no longer available for plugins. Now a command-line svn client is the only way to integrate with svn and execute svn-commands.

We made our best to maintain compatibility, however, some breakages could not be avoided. API changes are described at

Here is the list of the affected plugins known to us (plugins from the Plugin repository):

SVN Revision Graph
VCS Revision Graph
CollabNet Tools
Review board
Test Recorder
Review board plugin for IntelliJ idea

We notified authors and sent pull requests with required changes for the plugins, but it could happen there are some plugins outside the repository which rely on SVNKit. If you own such, please update accordingly.

SVNKit was removed due to several reasons, mainly because it is only used to work with old svn 1.6 working copy format, thus bringing a little value to our users.

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