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JetBrains Hub now used for authentication in the plugin repository

icon_HubAs of today’s release, JetBrains Hub is used for a unified authentication in the JetBrains plugin repository. Hub is our user and team management solution that we utilize internally, and now it serves as a user and permission model for the plugin repository.

We have moved from the direct authentication and accessing user profiles via JBA (JetBrains Account) in order to provide seamless integration with other JetBrains tools that are already using Hub for authentication. In addition, we will be able to build some exciting features in the nearest future relying on the already available Hub functionality, such as API auth via tokens, groups of users, etc.

A new authentication method is already live on, and we don’t expect any issues on your side, as it is connected to the previously connected authentication method.

Should you have any issues with accessing your plugins or comments, please make sure that you have your JBA (JetBrains Account) connected to the Hub Account in the Hub interface.

If you encounter any issues, do send them to us here in comments, post to @JBPlatform Twitter, or drop us an email at

JetBrains Hub is available as a product, too. Here’s where you can learn more about Hub.

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