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‘Organization’ Entity in Marketplace

TL;DR We have added the ability to consolidate authors and their plugins in an Organization in Marketplace.

There are almost 5,000 plugins in our Plugin repository, including over 20 paid plugins. These plugins are created by both individual users and companies.

To increase the credibility of plugins, simplify the search process for end-users, and facilitate the support of plugins, we’ve added a new entity to the Marketplace called “Organization”.


An organization comprises authors and their plugins. It provides users with information such as the organization’s website, email, and address. Each organization has a public name and a unique ID.

For plugin authors

  1. Organization members can add their plugins to the organization. They will still be able to edit the plugin after it is transferred to the organization. The organization’s admin(s) and the plugin’s developers are both able to edit the plugin and upload plugin updates.
    • The author who creates an organization becomes its admin.
    • An admin can grant additional admin roles to other users in the organization.
  2. You can transfer your plugins to any organization that you are a member of if the vendor field in the plugin descriptor is the same as the organization ID.
  3. Plugin authors still have the right to manage their plugins, even if their plugin is transferred to an organization that the authors do not belong to.
  4. A plugin must belong to an organization if you want to sell it on Marketplace.

For more information please check the documentation.


Q: Why should I create an Organization and transfer my plugins to it?

A: Organizations increase the credibility of plugins and simplify the search process for end-users, while easing the plugin management process for you. In addition, having an organization will make it harder for anyone else to use your name or brand without your permission. Finally, if you want to sell your plugin, it must belong to an organization.

Q: What is the difference between organization-owned plugins and personal plugins?

A: Personal plugins do not belong to an organization and do not need to be transferred. As an author belonging to an organization, you can still keep your own plugins as personal ones.

Q: What is going to happen to my plugins if I transfer them to an organization?

A: Plugins that you move will get a corresponding note about belonging to the organization and will be listed on the organization’s page. Make sure that the vendor field value is the same as the organization ID; please see the documentation for details.


The Marketplace Team

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