New Feature: Community Offers on Marketplace

At JetBrains, we are committed to giving back to the community by providing free and discounted product licenses to students, classrooms, open source projects, startups, and some other groups and individuals. This feature is finally available for paid plugin vendors on JetBrains Marketplace out of the box.

How do community offers work?

Special community offers are available now by default on the plugin page. All users eligible for a particular offer can automatically apply for it and get the plugin for free or with a discount. You’ll be able to support JetBrains’ growing community and earn yourself a positive reputation.

Here’s the list of complementary and discounted licenses available now on Marketplace as a part of the community support program:

  • For students and teachers — Free
  • For former student license holders — 25% off
  • For Open Source projects — Free
  • For classroom assistance — Free
  • For educational organizations — 50% off
  • For startups — 50% off
  • For non-profit organizations — 50% off
  • For Developer Recognition Program — Free

You can learn more about various programs and their terms on the community support page. If you don’t want to provide free licenses, you can easily opt out. Just uncheck the boxes with the programs you don’t want to implement on the Sales Info tab of your plugin page.

What are other special offers available?

Besides community offers, a plugin vendor can create various promo offers for their clients. The two main types are single-use coupons and discount codes. The first option is available right from the plugin page. You can create a custom offering by indicating the discount value, a monthly or annual subscription, an individual or organizational license type, the countries in which you want it to be available, and the end date of the offer. Then you can generate single-use coupons for that offer and distribute them directly to your users.

Plugin discount coupon

For example, if you want to encourage a customer to renew a subscription, you can create a personal coupon and send it when the subscription is about to expire.

You may also want to launch a promo dedicated to a major release or holiday. Then we can create a single, multiple-use discount code that can be redeemed at the checkout page. Send your request to the Marketplace Team in your personal Slack channel or to Announce your offer on social networks, post it on the plugin listing page, and watch your sales grow!

What’s next?

Thanks for supporting the community together with JetBrains. Please share your feedback here in the comments, through the #marketplace channel in our JetBrains Platform Slack, or through our YouTrack issue tracker. We appreciate your thoughts and ideas!

Your Marketplace Team

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