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Marketplace News

Busy Plugin Developers Newsletter – Summer 2023

Marketplace updates:

⭐ Marketplace main page redesign

Our main page has a new look! With cleaned up visuals, the new design ensures smooth navigation through JetBrains Marketplace, allowing users to focus on what truly matters: finding the plugins that best meet their needs.

⭐️ Auto-approval for non-stable release channels

Plugins can be deployed to the default channel (Stable) or custom release channels. Once the update is successfully uploaded, the Marketplace team reviews it to ensure it meets the approval criteria.

To streamline the entire process, we introduced auto-approval for custom release channels. To be eligible for it, a plugin should have an approved update within the Stable channel that is no more than 120 days old. In cases where this criterion isn’t met, updates will undergo the usual moderation.

Essential resources for getting started all in one place 

If you’re new to JetBrains Marketplace, we’ve gathered the essential resources you’ll need to get started. If you haven’t uploaded any plugins yet, you’ll find links conveniently located in your JetBrains Marketplace profile

Individual vendor profiles 

In our commitment to enhancing plugin information and adhering to the latest regulations, such as the so-called Omnibus Directive 2019/2161, we introduced individual vendor profiles. This update helps ensure the accurate representation of vendors on our platform. You can update your vendor details on the overview page of your profile. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Verified vendor badge

Starting from July 2023, we introduced a new vendor verification policy. The verified vendor badge is displayed on vendor profiles and plugin pages on JetBrains Marketplace and means that JetBrains has confirmed a profile is real and connected to a specific plugin vendor. Check our documentation to find out what you need to do to become a verified vendor.

Plugin development tooling updates

IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template 1.11.1

IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template is a repository designed to facilitate the setup phase of plugin development by providing preconfigured project scaffolds, CI functionality, documentation links, and organizational structures. In the release, the notable change involves upgrading the Gradle Wrapper to version 8.3. You can find more info here.

IntelliJ Plugin Verifier 1.303 

The latest release includes updates aiming to enhance plugin functionality and performance, such as discouraging specific words in plugin IDs and prefixes, treating service preloading and missing IDs as errors, and migrating to the Java HTTP Client from Retrofit. Check out the changelog for details.

Gradle Changelog Plugin 2.2.0  

The plugin for the Gradle build system ships a set of tasks and helper methods to simplify working with changelog files. Find the release notes here.

IntelliJ Platform SDK Docs updates

Execution API article

A new Execution article explains how the IntelliJ Platform Execution API facilitates running and managing external processes within the IDE, offering control over execution, output, and configuration.

New UI tool window icons and icon colors

Curious about icons, especially tool window icons, in the new UI? Check out the updated documentation to find out more. New icons are paired with a JSON mapping file for the new UI, with variations for normal and compact modes and automatic color replacement for a consistent look. Make sure to use specific color values in your icons. 

Useful resources

Incorporating Language Server Protocol in IntelliJ-based IDEs

Dive into our latest blog post on incorporating the Language Server Protocol (LSP) within IntelliJ-based IDEs. Learn how this integration helps plugin developers seamlessly incorporate custom languages with advanced features.

Upcoming Wayland support: Enhancements for Linux users in IntelliJ-based IDEs

The upcoming Wayland support for IntelliJ-based IDEs will improve fractional scaling and desktop integration, especially with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSLg). Our blog post explores these advancements, including Java Swing and AWT apps on Wayland, while addressing technical challenges in this innovative display approach.

List of common errors and warnings

When you upload a plugin to JetBrains Marketplace, the system conducts an automatic scan for typical errors. To assist you in addressing issues that might arise during uploads, we’ve compiled a list of potential errors and warnings in our documentation.

Community highlights

🎂 Get a chance to score a Marketplace anniversary swag pack!

JetBrains Marketplace is celebrating its fifth anniversary on September 7. To show our appreciation for the talented individuals who have been part of our journey over the past five years, we’ve prepared a special anniversary swag pack. If you’ve already received an email from us with details on how to claim your swag pack, congratulations – you’re already on the list! 

If you think you’re eligible for an anniversary swag pack but haven’t received an email from us, please let us know! 

Simply complete this form, including the link to your plugin(s) and a brief description of your contributions to JetBrains Marketplace in the Comment field. Please note that the availability of swag packs is limited, so act quick before they’re all gone!

🎙️ Webinar: Faster Code Feedback Loops With OpenTelemetry

In this webinar recording, the spotlight is on Digma Continuous Feedback, a plugin hosted on JetBrains Marketplace, seamlessly collecting OpenTelemetry data for real-time code insights. Through practical examples, discover how this approach transforms code analysis, debugging, and overall coding practices. Watch this recording to learn more:

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