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New Code Style API in Intellij IDEA 2018.1

IntelliJ 2018.1 introduces a new API that we want to make plugin authors aware of. We’re changing the way you retrieve Code Style settings (such as formatting options) so that you can provide a PsiFile, instead of a Project. The … Continue reading

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Export IntelliJ editor themes as plugins

Today, I’d like to highlight a small but very useful feature for IDEs based on the IntelliJ Platform – exporting editor colour schemes as plugins. That’s right, if you have a custom editor scheme defined, you can get your favourite IntelliJ-based … Continue reading

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Migrating IntelliJ’s build to use Maven project libraries

Historically, all libraries used for building IntelliJ have been stored, as JAR files, directly in the IntelliJ git repositories. This approach has several downsides, such as increasing the size of the git repo whenever we need to update to a new version. Also, who wants … Continue reading

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Improvements in Testing IntelliJ Platform Plugins

Some good news for plugin developers – starting in IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3 EAP 173.2463.16, we’re introducing some improvements and fixes to working with test data. Let’s take a look at what’s new. For those that don’t know, the IntelliJ Platform comes with … Continue reading

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Improvements to Building IntelliJ Platform

We’ve recently made some changes to how we build IntelliJ Platform, specifically in how we handle external dependencies, such as the Kotlin compiler. IntelliJ Platform is the core code of IntelliJ IDEA, and powers all of our IDEs – IDEA … Continue reading

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