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PyCharm: Py is for Python, Charm is about the IDE

Welcome! Let’s introduce ourselves!

You are reading the blog of JetBrains PyCharm, the new Integrated Development Environment (IDE)  for programming in Python.

We’ve been working on the Python plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, our flagship Java IDE, for some time and we will continue supporting it making IntelliJ IDEA a better environment for polyglot developers. But our recent success with IDEs for Ruby/Rails (RubyMine) and for Web/PHP (Web IDE) tells us that an IDE for Python will be in demand as well.

Therefore, please welcome the new product from JetBrains — PyCharm, environment for Python developers and web developers working with Django.

PyCharm is currently available as Public Preview, and the version 1.0 release is planned for mid-2010. We very much value user feedback and look forward to your ideas and suggestions on PyCharm Discussion forum and in Issue tracker.

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Develop with pleasure
-JetBrains Team

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