Early Access Program Releases Web Development

PyCharm build 96.243 is available

As the development of PyCharm gets ever closer to the beta release, we’ve been focusing less on major new features and more on small usability improvements and fixes – and you’ll find plenty of them in the release notes of today’s build. Some of the more significant additions that we’d like to highlight specifically are:

  • The Python code formatter has become more flexible, and has gained a couple of new configuration pages;
  • The various “Introduce” refactorings (Introduce Variable, Introduce Constant, Introduce Field) now can be invoked when there is no selection in the editor, and offer a choice of expressions which can become the target of the refactoring;
  • The “Surround With” feature (Ctrl-Alt-T) now works in Django templates, and can be used to surround the selected block of text with a pair of template tags.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Django 1.2 was released this Monday, and the new build of PyCharm has improved support for it (for example, it understands the new syntax of {% if %} template tags).

As usual, you can download PyCharm from the EAP page.

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