PyCharm, our new Python/Django IDE, is officially 1.0

What an awesome feeling to say that PyCharm 1.0 is generally available now!

PyCharm 1.0 provides a complete set of tools for Python, Django and Google App Engine developers and comes as a great addition to our growing family of JetBrains IDEs, already containing RubyMine, PhpStorm and WebStorm. Check out this Python IDEs comparison matrix to be sure.

We very much appreciate the help of everyone who has participated in PyCharm Early Access program providing us with invaluable feedback during these 9 months.

The huge number of Beta discount coupons that we sent out shows that pretty much everyone who tried Early Access has got it and can have PyCharm at half-price now.

Download PyCharm 1.0 Now!

You can evaluate PyCharm during 30 days before the purchase. PyCharm comes with free upgrades for 1 full year from the purchase date, including even major version updates.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains PyCharm Team

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14 Responses to PyCharm, our new Python/Django IDE, is officially 1.0

  1. matthew says:

    The “purchase” link at the bottom is linking to the rubymine purchase page.

  2. yole says:

    Fixed. Thanks for noticing!

  3. The “Classroom License” page is either not there or busy.

  4. JP says:

    Congratulations! This is a great IDE.

  5. Harro says:

    Would try the evaluation… if starting a new project wouldn’t right away start processing my whole damn HD without me being able to do anything.. even the cancel button did nothing.

    Back to textmate

  6. jelle says:

    its cool to see a pycharm release, congrats. however, you’re making money with work that is based on pydev, which is free. isn’t that just rude?

  7. yole says:

    The only part of PyCharm which is based on pydev is the console and debugger runtime, which is just a small part of the project. Moreover, we’re complying with the requirements of the Eclipse Public License, under which pydev is released. I don’t see anything rude about that.

  8. yole says:

    Which OS are you using? How is PYTHONPATH configured on your machine? Are there any symlinks under the Python installation directory or your project directory?

  9. Franta says:

    great ide but major bug is not fixed. When I click in editor, cursor is not at the end of line, but on position there i click – but I havent no spaces at end of every line. I hope that I get first great ide for django, but this error is not acceptable for me.

  10. amir says:

    i rather to use OpenSource IDE’s !

  11. yole says:

    This behavior is not a bug. You can configure it in Settings | Editor | Virtual Space.

  12. James says:

    I tried the PyCharm 1.0 trial and was blown away with the ease of programming Django, so I purchased it right away. The price is minimal when compared to others for sale. I particularly love the ability to click the run icon in the IDE and it starts the server and run my application automatically.

  13. I bought it and I’m enjoying it. Thanks for producing it!

  14. Formul says:

    the most awesome IDE for python/django i have ever used, i find some useful little feature every time i fire it up, good job!

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