PyCharm 1.1 available, 1.5 feature set inside

Yes, that’s right, we’re closing the year with a big PyCharm update. Quite a few new features found their way into this release but we decided that 1.1 looks nicer as the release number in the light of the approaching 2011. :)

So, what’s great about PyCharm 1.1? Here is a quick overview.

Code editor. The new code completion autopopup invented by the IntelliJ IDEA team is now in PyCharm too. The main idea is that you do not need to invoke it. Just write the code and the completion will pop up when appropriate. And of course you can still use the good old Ctrl-Space. Also make sure to check the Code completion section in Editor settings for autopopup behavior tuning.

Debugger. For more precise debugging we’ve added conditional and exception breakpoint types. PyCharm now supports debugging your applications running on a remote host, and a debug console has been added that gives you a Python interpreter prompt while stopped at a breakpoint.

Unit testing. Support for doctests and nose tests has been added to the test runner, and the py.test framework support has been updated to the latest version. Another enhancement is that you can now export full test results from the test runner into an HTML file.

There are also other changes such as integration with issue trackers right from the IDE, ability to open files and projects in PyCharm from the command line, bundled dark color themes, and more. The Git support received a nice boost with a new Git log view and added GitHub integration.

We recommend you check out the What’s New in PyCharm 1.1 page for more details.

Download the new version, give it a try, and have a great end of the year!

Happy holidays!
JetBrains PyCharm Team

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10 Responses to PyCharm 1.1 available, 1.5 feature set inside

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  2. Robert says:

    Already love PyCharm. Can’t wait to see what the future brings.


  3. smoke says:

    I just try it some hours, i like code complete function and it very slow, I use pyDev in eclipse, wish you make it better

  4. Rob W says:

    The debugger improvements are greatly appreciated!

    BTW, noticed that the header for PyCharm discussion forum still has an announcement for version 1.0.1 not version 1.1. 😉


  5. Matteius says:

    Thanks for adding drag n’ drop tabs, made my day!

  6. Conditional breakpoints are of great help! Too bad I still can’t get “break into debugger on exception” while debugging unittests to work. Need to find out if this feature is supported at all… :)

  7. Watzlaw says:

    When do you plan to update the python plugin for intellij idea to match the feature-set of pycharm 1.1?

    Best, watzlaw

  8. Scott says:

    Great update, but now that twilight and other themes are available, is there a way to disable them when printing with syntax highlighting? Unfortunately, I’ve found no way to have a dark theme while editing, yet still print properly (in color). It tries to generate a black background on the paper, which is a bit unsightly.

  9. Ryan Blunden says:

    How do you open PyCharm projects from the command line?

  10. Eugene Toporov says:

    Ryan, you need to enable the command line script by running “File | Create Command-line Launcher” from PyCharm.

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