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15 more days of half-price: especially for PyCon DE but available for everyone

Next week we’re attending the very first Python conference in Germany — PyCon DE.

But we’re not just attending… PyCharm lead developer Dmitry Jemerov gives a talk about Productive Python and Django Development with PyCharm. Most of the talk will be live demos of PyCharm functionality and answers to your questions.
We wish Dmitry good luck and if you are in Leipzig too — the show is at 11:00 on Oct, 5th!

Initially we wanted to offer a 50% discount to all the people attending PyCon DE. But after looking at the outstanding sales trends for September, we decided to keep it available for everyone for 15 more days :) Why not?

So, yes, if you were hesitating, you have 15 more days to get PyCharm at half-price.
And do not forget, that if you buy PyCharm now, you’ll get PyCharm 2.0 as a free upgrade.

Develop with pleasure!
The PyCharm Team

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