PyCharm 2 is here: double the charm, double the power!

With a great pleasure we are announcing the availability of PyCharm 2, the new major update for our Python IDE.

We are very proud with this new release as it really takes PyCharm to the next level.
1. The range of supported technologies has expanded. The biggest addition is Mako and Jinja2 template languages. We’ve strengthened the core Python support by integrating code coverage, IPython, PyPy and some new static code analysis possibilities. Other big additions include support for Cython and CoffeeScript.

2. The new IDE UI makes PyCharm look much nicer on all supported platforms. Platform integration got much better with support for symbolic links, improved integration with docks, drag’n’drop between file manager and PyCharm on Linux and improvements on Mac OS X such as full-screen support.

3. Significantly reworked editor architecture provides better responsiveness and lag-less typing even in huge documents. Faster indexing and IDE startup speed are ensured on all supported platforms.

Read more about what else is new in PyCharm 2.0 and download the IDE now.

NOTE: PyCharm 2.0 is a free update for everyone who purchased their PyCharm license after Dec 12, 2010.

Develop with pleasure!
The PyCharm Team

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