Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm 2.5 pre-beta

We’ve got a couple of announcements to make today. First, the feedback we’ve received at PyCon convinced us that the remote interpreters feature is really important to the workflow of the majority of our users, and its addition deserves more than a modest .1 increase in the version number. Therefore, the release previously known as PyCharm 2.1 will now be called PyCharm 2.5.
This version change does not affect the upgrade policy: you will be able to upgrade to PyCharm 2.5 for free if your license is purchased a year or less before the date of final release of PyCharm 2.5 (some time in early April, according to our current plans).

Second, PyCharm 2.5 is now feature-complete. We wanted to release a public beta this week, but unfortunately we weren’t able to run the today’s build through our usual round of QA, so we aren’t sure if its quality is good enough to be called a public beta. Because of that, we’re publishing it as a regular EAP build, and we’ll decide whether to publish it to a wider audience based on more QA testing and on the feedback from you, the EAP users. So please do let us know about any problems you’ve encountered, and if you run into something major, rest assured that we’ll release a fixed build as soon as we can.

As usual, you can download the new build from the EAP page, and check the complete release notes.

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